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Chain - Facebook

21-Day Nutrition Challenge Printable Calendar v.1.0

Chain - Facebook

21-Day Nutrition Challenge Printable Workbook v.1.0


Memo - Facebook

Day 1 - Food Journal

Heart Eyes Face - Facebook

Day 2 - Food That You Like

Gesturing Not OK Female - Facebook

Day 3 - No "Good" or "Bad" Foods

Earth - Facebook

Day 4 - Design Your Environment

Clipboard - Facebook

Day 5 - Upgrade Your Shopping List

Water - Vectorstock

Day 6 - Calorie-Free Drinks


Day 7 - Identify Why You're Eating


Meat - Facebook

Day 8 - Quality Proteins

Carrot - Facebook

Day 9 - Colourful Vegetables

Potato - Facebook

Day 10 - Smart Carbohydrates

Avocado - Facebook

Day 11 - Healthy Fats

Hi-five - Facebook

Day 12 - Easy Portion Control

Hourglass - Facebook

Day 13 - Eat Slowly


Day 14 - Healthy Meal Template


Detective Male - Facebook

Day 15 - Track What You Eat

Plate - Facebook

Day 16 - Eat to 80% Full

Joystick - Facebook

Day 17 - Play The Hunger Game


Day 18 - Full Day of Healthy Eating


Day 19 - No Snacking Today


Day 20 - Progress, Not Perfection

Goal - Facebook

Day 21 - The Sunday Plan and Prep Ritual

Bonus Resources:

There is a LOT of content that we simply can’t cover in this challenge, so below you’ll find some bonus resources to browse at your leisure.

Chain - Facebook

Sleekgeek Healthy Breakfast Recipe Book

Chain - Facebook

Sleekgeek Healthy Lunch and Dinner Recipe Book

Chain - Facebook

Sleekgeek Healthy Snacks Recipe Book

Chain - Facebook

Sleekgeek Healthy Recipe Blog Posts

Chain - Facebook

Sleekgeek 21-Day REBOOT Challenge (free)

Chain - Facebook

Sleekgeek Guide to Eating Healthily on a Budget

Chain - Facebook

Sleekgeek Restaurant Survival Guide

Chain - Facebook

Sleekgeek Supplement Guide

Chain - Facebook

5 Tools For Better Hunger and Appetite Awareness

Chain - Facebook

How to Gain Weight Fast (OR Do The Opposite)

Chain - Facebook

What to do if You're Eating Too Much Junk Food

Chain - Facebook

4 Causes of Weekend Overeating (And How to Fix Them)

Chain - Facebook

40+ Healthy Protein-Dense Foods

Chain - Facebook

40+ Healthy Smart Carbohydrates

Chain - Facebook

40+ Healthy Colourful Vegetables

Chain - Facebook

3 Reasons You Might Not Like Vegetables (And How to Fix That)

Chain - Facebook

Cooking Spice Cheatsheet

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