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"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."
– Helen Keller

Do you feel alone on your health and fitness journey?

Maybe you don't know any like-minded people who can support you?

Or maybe you're not sure how to ask for the help that you need?

With the Sleekgeek Community, you'll never be alone again!

Imagine having access to the support, knowledge, and experience of thousands of people on the same journey as you...

Well, you've come to the right place 🙂

The Sleekgeek Community is where you can meet and be around friendly like-minded people every single day.

The kind of people who are going to help you become a better, healthier, and stronger version of yourself.

We're an online community, so you can join us no matter where you are. We also organise optional in-person events and get-togethers for those in the same areas too.

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What people are saying:

"Sleekgeek gives so much back to the community. If I had to make a list of everything they do and give, and how many people they have helped without asking anything in return... I'd have to write a book. You actively change people's lives and make a difference."
Jill Scott
Community Member
"Community community community...a group of strangers who share a love and dream of living their best life..a healthy, balanced one. After a while, through motivation and support and shared experiences, those strangers become friends and then family!!"
Kerry-Lea Dennis
Community Member
"At Sleekgeek I'm inspired everyday by ordinary people doing extraordinary things and pushing their limits. With the support of this community, it makes me feel like I can accomplish the goals I set for myself and there is always someone there when you need advice."
Tania Francis
Community Member
"Huge thanks to Sleekgeek for inspiring me to lose weight and exercise! I'm truly addicted to the gym. I never ever thought of myself as a "gym" type, but it's become more than a choice - it's become a necessity in my life!"
Heidi Stevenson
Community Member
"Sleekgeek has inspired me to keep showing up regardless of circumstances. Whether I'm on top of my game or struggling, the community is always positive and non judgmental."
Bontle Mtshali
Community Member
"Thank you to Sleekgeek for the support over the last year. I started my journey at 90kgs and I'm now down to 78kgs. The daily inspiration and support that Sleekgeek has provided me really gave the strength to pursue action!"
Adam Maurice Zartz
Community Member
"If you've lost 1kg or 50kg, the support is always great! It's a lovely positive re-enforcing group no matter who's facing what challenge in a day."
Elize Bothma
Community Member
"I find the daily videos very inspiring and full of info. The community is so helpful when you ask a question. Nobody gets run down."
Izel Kirsten Gibson
Community Member
"A truly supportive network of people who are dealing with similar issues."
Trudy Rushin
Community Member
"You dont have to travel this road alone... Sleekgeek community is here to lend an ear, shoulder, hand to help you along the way... its not just about physical health but mental health as well... This is a family and as a family we want each member to succeed!"
Courtney Strauss
Community Member
"What I love about Sleekgeek most of all is it's real honest raw truths of what this journey looks like. Being part of the community and seeing other people’s success stories is a constant reminder to us that it is possible and to keep going. It has been a life changing experience for me since I have found this community, and it is a home for all regardless of race, culture or geographic location."
Lizanne-Bartjan van den Boom
Community Member
"Literally the best thing about this community is that I've never once seen any negative comment. This is the most uplifting, respectful, positive and helpful community. Thanks to Sleekgeek I feel confident in asking things I don't know and I don't feel silly anymore. This group has renewed my motivation to become healthier, fitter and stronger for MYSELF."
Mikayla Theron
Community Member

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