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How can we help?

Community Support:

Sleekgeek is a community and most of our discussion happens here in our Facebook Group.

This is where you can ask questions, get help, share your journey, and be a part of the community.

We also write helpful articles, interview successful community members, publish tasty recipes, and host a weekly podcast!

Expert Help:

We get a LOT of people asking us for help with their nutrition, exercise, sleep, and mindset.

That’s awesome because it’s exactly what we love to do! But we can’t always respond to every single request for personalised advice.

If you’d like to get expert help and 1-on-1 Coaching, then we recommend that you sign up to work with a qualified Sleekgeek Coach.

We also run a Group Coaching Program twice a year and have a Sleekgeek Home Training Guide that you can purchase too.


If you need to contact us or have an important question then you can use the Sleekgeek Helpdesk to create a ticket.

We do our best to answer all tickets within 24 – 48 hours.

Please first consider whether your request for help can be rather asked in the Sleekgeek Community on Facebook.


Work With Us:

We love working with businesses to help them improve health, productivity, and engagement in the workplace.

We also love teaming up with top brands and advertisers in the health and fitness industry.

If you’d like to hire us as part of your corporate wellness program or work with as a sponsor then get in touch.