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About Our Partners

Sleekgeek is privileged to work with select partners and sponsors that align with our health revolution goals and who support our mission.

Sleekgeek has been working with adidas since 2016.

The adidas Runners community plays an integral role connecting the runners within Sleekgeek to like-minded people and helping them become better runners, better athletes and, ultimately, better humans.

Each year, we particularly enjoy working with adidas on their Run For The Oceans campaign to clean up our oceans and put an end to plastic waste.

The adidas 3 Stripes newsletter gives you R150 off your next online purchase.


Vitaforce is a proudly South African brand that produces top quality vitamin and mineral supplements.

They’re the brand that Sleekgeek trusts. All of their products are clearly labelled with well-researched ingredients and, as an ethical and uncontroversial brand, they only make reliable claims. Read more about our partnership here.

You can find them in most major retailers, including Checkers, Clicks, Dis-Chem, Spar, Takealot, and Wellness Warehouse.


Natural Herbs and Spices say “Let us be your everyday support on your wellness journey” – and we couldn’t agree more because herbs and spices are a key way to add more flavour and enjoyment to a healthy lifestyle.

They’re a brand with a purpose to provide high quality products that are produced responsibilty and offer greater variety and value for money. All products are free from added sugar, GMO ingredients, artificial flavourants, and unnecessary fillers!

Read more about out partnership here.

Look out for the fresh new packaging on shelf. Their range is convenient and easy to find at Dis-Chem stores nationwide and online.

Ergonomicsdirect specialises in innovative ergonomic products and services to improve office and home working environments.

Their company founders have medical backgrounds and we love that their mission is to help the modern office or remote worker protect their long-term health.

The discount code “SLEEKGEEK” gets you 10% off their online store.


8-Week Challenge Sponsors

Sleekgeek runs the official Sleekgeek 8-Week Challenge 3 times a year, and each challenge we team up with some amazing brands to bring you over R100,000 worth of prizes to be won!

Winter 2023 Challenge Sponsors:

Charities and Organisations

Sleekgeek’s mission is to make a difference in the world. Helping people build healthy habits is important, but there are many other causes close to our heart too.


Clean C is an NPO that runs beach clean-ups, youth leadership programs, and uplifts communities to be free from crime.

They’ve helped remove over 100 tones of rubbish off our beaches and in communities around Cape Town in the last 4 years.

Keep an eye out for their monthly beach clean-up runs for a way to get active + help clean-up rubbish along the way.

They also run Kerby, a convenient recycling program in various areas around Cape Town.



Sleekgeek has been donating to the Goedgedacht Trust monthly since 2015.

The Goedgedacht Trust, established in 1993, seeks to transform rural communities by presenting children and young adults in particular with opportunities to become healthy, self-confident, educated and skilful members of their communities.

They use an Asset Based Community Development approach to encourage and support community members to drive their own initiatives with the aim of growing and developing into self-sustainable and thriving communities.


Sentinel Ocean Alliance creates ocean-based opportunities and provides environmental education for the youth of South Africa’s coastal communities. 

They provide a safe space to create and implement multi-faceted youth development programmes and environmental initiatives, that address real challenges facing the youth of previously disadvantaged coastal communities, by supporting and enabling future responsible leaders to become ocean activists and make meaningful contributions to South African society.


AMANDLA collaborates across sectors to explore and design game-changing, scalable business solutions that drive positive social change for young people.

With their Safe-Hub they use the power of football combined with holistic education to empower young people and to change lives.

As a catalyst, Safe-Hubs serve as safe, educational, youth friendly centres in communities characterised by poverty, unemployment and inequality.