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7 articles to change your mindset and achieve your goals

Our team have written many valuable articles on the Sleekgeek site aimed to help you eat, move, think and sleep better and become the Ultimate You.

Today I decided to make a selection of some of the basic tools we have given you to live a better life. I picked 7 powerful tools ranging in complexity to help you on your journey.

Read each article, apply it to yourself and live an awesome life. If you are inspired share it with those you love too.

1. How to create your Perfect Day 

A while ago I crafted my “Perfect Day”. It gave me clarity of direction and changed my life path forever. I wanted to share that with powerful process with you. I am going to encourage you to be brave and write your Perfect Day too.

On this journey to health people get so caught up in weight loss and eating and training and forget that a vital pillar of health is your emotional state, your mindset and your personal reality as a human being in this world.


2. Making health part of your identity

I stopped thinking to myself “I NEED to workout so that I can be that fit, healthy person I dream of being” and “I MUST NOT cheat on my diet otherwise I won’t lose those 10kgs”.

Instead, I developed identity-based habits, where I said to myself things like:

  • I AM the type of person that goes to gym every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.”
  • I AM the type of person that eats healthily.”
  • “I AM the type of person that gets at least 7 hours of sleep every night.”



3. Have Only One Bad Meal 

Did you know that no one ever sticks to their diet 100%? EVER. Crazy right? Even more crazy is that it’s OK… If you are smart about it.

A core characteristic of being a true Sleekgeek is to have realistic expectations about living a healthy lifestyle. A bonus characteristic is to have system in place to help mitigate or minimize the damage of any problems along the way (such as not sticking 100% to your diet).



4. A killer accountability tool

I wanted to briefly share an accountability experiment I have been doing with my father for the past 2 months. Maybe it can help you too. It is extremely simple to implement as a powerful tool with anyone. The results in your life may be dramatic.



5. Learning to love the skin you’re in

Too often we look at ourselves in the mirror and are unhappy with what we see. We’ve all done it at some point. Grabbed that spare tyre in disgust or poked at some body part and thought “ughhhh.”

Your body is precious. I’d even say it’s a miracle. Millions of cells working together to make up the awesomeness that is you. Your brain is working 24/7 to keep you going. Allowing you to walk, talk, laugh, see, smell, hear and touch. If you reeeeally think about it, it’s pretty fantastic.



6. The 8 Differences Between Emotional and Physical Hunger

Are you eating to fuel your body, or eating to fuel your emotions? When is a craving just a craving and when are you actually hungry? We put together an easy guide to show you how to distinguish between emotional hunger and physical hunger.



7. Using the 20% effort, 80% results rule 

20% of the effort for 80% of the results is where it’s at when it comes to making a long-term sustainable lifestyle.

I’m not talking about being “good” 80% of the time and doing “whatever” 20% of the time. That’s the incorrect application of the Pareto Principle. Instead, I want you to look at the 20% of your lifestyle that delivers 80% of the results. Harness this “law of the vital few” and life becomes so much easier!



Want even more? More more great articles from our team check out our blog archive over here.

Have a healthy happy week


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