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The Rules of the Sleekgeek Revolution (Version 1.0)

Welcome to the Sleekgeek revolution. Welcome to the family.

Sleekgeek is like nothing else in the world. It is special.

We felt we needed to express in writing what a person is signing up for to be a Sleekgeek.

This post is my first attempt at writing the Rules of our Sleekgeek Revolution to change the world with health. I left my career 3 years ago with a vision to Inspire 100,000 South Africans to live a healthy lifestyle. Our community now numbers around 86,000. 

This is a living list and we will add to it and edit in the future. We would love you to post any others you want in the comments field of this article. This is your community.

1. Sleekgeek for Life – #sg4life

Firstly we are not messing around with diets, quick fixes, fads or miracle cures.  We are committed to a lifelong pursuit of awesome health. That is huge.  That means from this moment until you take your last breathe your mission is to do our absolute best to live a healthy and inspired life. One day at a time, one meal at time. You will not succeed all the time but that is your purpose.

2. Respect | Uplift | Inspire

Sleekgeeks are family and we care about how we treat people. We live by a #SGcode which you can read over here. We are ruthlessly passionate about making our community a safe and happy place for our people free of judgement and disrespect.

If you wish to be a true Sleekgeek and represent us you need to behave in a way that is congruent with our code. It should not be hard since all we are asking you to do is be a decent human being.  

We lift people up and never put them down.

3. Put your health first

It is lovely to have six-pack abs. It is wonderful that you may want them. We want you to have them too but in our Sleekgeek world that is not our ultimate goal and measure of success. Our success is that you sort your overall health out. That your body functions the way it should. That you feel amazing. That you can do things you never could before. That you are younger. Everyone wants to look their best but that is a happy result of a healthy life and secondary for us.

4. Value your health

What you value are your highest priorities in life. Family, religion whatever it may be. Health is one of Sleekgeek’s CORE values in life. Values are proven by your actions in life. You can say that you value your health but that is not enough. You have to show that you value your health and the only way to do that is to take action. Wake up every morning with the goal to do the things that show you value your health.

5. Eat clean (keep it real)

In today’s world, most of the food on the shelves people consider is food actually is not. As Sleekgeeks we are real people just eating real food. Nothing fake over here. Just plain old clean food. Like our ancestors happily ate.  Our philosophy is very simple to eat as little “man-made” and processed food as possible and stick to what the earth has provided us. Stay away from the packets and boxes with more than 3 ingredients for example. Makes sense right?

6. Train dirty

We believe that humans were meant to move more and lift heavy things. Everyone’s “dirty” is relative to them. It just means that you push yourself out of the comfort zone. That you experience a feeling of effort and exertion. That you get your heart-rate up. That you struggle on that last set.  For one person that is a fast walk, for another, it may be a sprint. Let’s get a little uncomfortable because that is the zone where change actually happens.

7. Put the “geek” in Sleekgeek

A Sleekgeek lives life with an open mind and does not blindly rely on being told what to do. A geek by definition is someone passionate about something. We are obsessed with learning about our health to take control of our own lives. We have an enquiring mind and interrogate the information we find. We tirelessly experiment to find our own individual solutions. To be healthy you have to have an interest in health. In an age where health is a mind-bogglingly confusing topic with a range of experts saying different things you have your wits about and your brain switched on to win.


Motivation is fine. But it is realistically a feeling or emotion we wait for. Imagine if you only ever did anything when you were motivated. That would be insanity right? Nothing in life would work. So stop sitting around looking for motivation. Forget motivation! You need to learn to COMMIT to the things you want in life. You have to keep your WORD to yourself. Do the things you say you will do and you will never need to be motivated again. If you say you are going to exercise 3 times a week then commit and make it non-negotiable.

9. Share like a crazy person

Sharing is like gold dust in Sleekgeek land. It is how other people learn and are inspired. It is how we start the conversation and connect. Your job in SG is to share, share, share and when you think everyone is sick of you then the answer is to share some more!

10. Inspire

Everyone is a leader. In Sleekgeek leadership comes from action, not position. To “Inspire” is to be the spark that lights the fire for someone else’s transformation. Everyone in our family has the power to lead people and inspire them no matter how far they are in their journey. The community depends on you taking a stand for that.

11. The law of One Option

It is very simple. If you give up on yourself and abandon this journey the guaranteed outcome is certain. You will have failed 100%. It is predictable. Right? So even if you are struggling every day and not feeling like you are getting anywhere you still have the possibility of progress if you make an effort. That is what we fight for. You do not have the right to give up on your health. A Sleekgeek NEVER gives up. Why? Because we love ourselves and our family.

12. Giving up is the ONLY failure

We do not care how badly you veer off the path or fall off the wagon. Maybe you got thin and then got fat again. Too bad. If you fall head first into a river of chocolate. So what? We care that you get back on track. People are human. Humans make mistakes. As long as you are willing to make an effort we can work with you. But we will not accept you giving up. That is the ONLY failure. That is the ONLY thing we despise and will get angry about. Why? Because we love you.  As a Sleek your job is no matter what to “Keep on keeping on”! Success is never a straight line.

13. No excuses

Trust me we have heard them all. We do not buy any of them. The good news is none of your excuses that stop you from winning at life are valid. You can live a healthy life on a budget, pressed for time, with a family, without a gym membership etc. How do we know this? Because we have hard evidence. We have people who have the EXACT same constraints yet they somehow make a plan to succeed. If health is truly your priority you will create a solution instead of wallow in the world of your excuses. We will do everything we can to help you achieve health within your constraints.

14. Love #Sleekgeekproblems

On this wonderful journey to health there are some unique things you will experience such as muscles so stiff you cannot sit on the toilet, always running out of tupperware, never having enough training gear, constantly waiting for Avos to ripen, waking up really early on a weekend and the list is endless. These are things you would not be ‘suffering’ if you were not a Sleekgeek. We call these #Sleekgeekproblems. We smile and embrace these quirky things because it is who we are!  

15. It’s You versus You

We realise comparing yourself to others is stupid and futile. You are not me and I am not you. Some people lose weight faster than others. Some things work for some and not for others. Some people are just stronger. Get really concerned about you being better than yourself each and every day. That is all you need to think about. This is just You vs You Baby! Be your own hero.

16. Have fun!

We honestly believe this is meant to be FUN! Getting healthy should not be seen as torture or a massive ordeal you are dragged kicking and screaming into. Enjoy nourishing your body with quality food. Enjoy the new energy. Enjoy the things you can now start to do. Enjoy working up a sweat. Find the physical activities that inspire you to show up. Find the recipes that make you salivate to eat delicious healthy food. Nobody said you have to eat steamed fish and broccoli everyday and go to a gym if you hate it. There are many options to get to health and there is one with your name on it. Invest the energy to find it.

17. Represent Sleekgeek – #represent

Sleekgeeks love to show the world they belong to this awesome family. Wear our gear with pride. Take photos. Share them with us. Always act in line with the SG code. Tell other people about what they can have available to them as a Sleekgeek. Recruit them to the Revolution. Spread the word! This is OUR Revolution and you can play a role in changing the world with the message of health!

18. Be the Ultimate You

Dead simple. Each day strive to take the actions to be better than you were yesterday. Do that every day.

Those are the rules for now. Do you like them? Anything to add? Please tell me below.


Your Fearless Leader


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