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Sleekgeek 30-Day Nutrition Challenge – Success

Success! You’re in!

Welcome to the instructions page for the Sleekgeek 30-Day Nutrition Challenge.

If you have not yet registered for the challenge, please do so here before continuing so that you receive all the daily challenge emails.

Hang in there for your instructions which will arrive at 5am. 

Step 1: Bookmark this page!

You will find ALL of the instructions that you need to know about this challenge and each individual daily task below.

Please bookmark this page so that you can return each day.

Step 2: Join the Challenge Support Group

This is a community-based interactive challenge – we are with you every step of the way.

Be sure to join the dedicated Challenge Support Group on Facebook here. If you’re not in there, you’re missing more than 50% of the challenge “experience” (and support).

Step 3: Download and Print the Calendar

Download as PNG
Download as PDF

Step 4: Read the Rules

The challenge is to take consistent daily action towards improving your nutrition for 30 days in a row.

Taken individually, the daily tasks are actually fairly easy. The real challenge, however, is sticking to the plan and being consistent.

You’re going to need to build your willpower, take control of your weekends, and be stronger than your strongest excuses!

  • The main goal of the challenge is to introduce you to key nutrition strategies that you can continue to use and benefit from for years to come.
  • Your daily focus is whatever task you have been assigned for that day. That’s what matters the most – your actions express your priorities – anything else that you do is a bonus.
  • If you are successful at completing the task for the day, you can then focus on completing the next task the next day.
  • However, if you are unsuccessful at completing the task for the day (e.g. Day 5), then the next day (e.g. Day 6) you need to re-do the previous day’s task that you failed AND also complete the current day’s task (e.g. Day 5 + Day 6).
  • Give yourself a tick on your calendar if you are successful at the daily task and give yourself a cross on your calendar if you are unsuccessful at the daily task (even if you catch it up the next day).
  • The Never Miss Twice Rule: If you get 2 crosses in a row (e.g. Day 5 + Day 6) then you’ve failed to get back on track ASAP and so you’re out, you need to re-start the challenge from day 1. Everyone has bad days in life, but the most successful people don’t let it drag out – they get back on track ASAP.
  • The 90 / 10 Rule: If you get 3 crosses in total (e.g. Day 5 + Day 9 + Day 15) then you’ve failed more than 10% of the time and so you’re out, you need to re-start the challenge from day 1. We believe in hard but realistic effort which looks something like 90% discipline and 10% flexibility / messy life.

Habits take time to build and evidence shows that focusing on one habit at a time rather than multiple habits at a time leads to a greater success rate of the habit actually sticking.

We hope you look at this challenge as a quick introduction to some of the key nutrition strategies in the Sleekgeek Nutrition Guide that could form part of a healthy lifestyle.

Once you’ve completed the challenge you can then come back to work on specific strategies, one at a time, until they become a habit.

You can also choose to repeat the entire 30-day challenge by maintaining a “Full Day of Healthy Eating” which would incorporate everything that we teach you throughout the whole challenge.

Step 5: START!

Once the challenge starts, the days below will become clickable links that will provide you with further instructions about each day’s task.