[Day 28] Sleekgeek 30-Day Nutrition Challenge

πŸ‘‹ Welcome to Day 28 of the Sleekgeek 30-Day Nutrition Challenge!

Each day, for 30 days, we’re going to help you improve your nutrition and build healthy habits that will serve you for a lifetime.

  • πŸ’‘ Each day we will challenge you to take action with a daily task that you need to complete. 

Best of all, we will be with you every step of the way in our dedicated Sleekgeek 30-Day Nutrition Challenge Group on Facebook.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what Week 4 looks like:

Remember to download and print out the FULL 30-Day Calendar here: PNG or PDF.

Today’s 🎯 Task:

This is what you need to do in order to successfully complete today’s challenge task.

  • βœ… Find the awesome. Review your past week and identify what went well / what worked for you. How can you do more of that going forwards?

  • βœ… Learn from your failures. Review your past week and identify what your problems were. How can you avoid that happening again or be more prepared to deal with it next time?

  • βœ… Help the “Future You”. What can you do today to help “Future You” feel more fresh, prepared, and ready for action in the week ahead?

⚠️ Click here if you need a reminder about how this challenge works and what the rules are.

❓ Got a question? Feel free to ask it in the Sleekgeek 30-Day Nutrition Challenge Support Group on Facebook.

More πŸ”” Info:

Week 4’s Key Nutrition Strategy is all about the putting it all together (Sleekgeek Food List + Sleekgeek Meal TemplateSleekgeek Portion Control Guide).

Today, we’re all about helping you plan for the week ahead.

In the Sleekgeek Coaching Program we teach our clients called the “Sunday Ritual”.

Although it may sound pretty cult-ish, it’s actually just two really important strategies for success.

  • 1) Reviewing your past week. The goal here is to see what went RIGHT and do more of that in the future as well as to see what went WRONG so that you can learn from it and do better next time.

  • 2) Planning and preparing for the week ahead. How can you do more of what went well last week? And how can you be more prepared for any upcoming known or unknown challenges in the week ahead?

Many people when starting a new diet like to say something like “It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change!” as a way to convince themselves and others that this time it’s “for good”.

But the truth is until you actually change how you go about living your life, it’s not a lifestyle change. It’s just a plan that you’re on or a phase that you’re going through – no matter how serious your intentions are.

If you want to stop starting and re-starting over and over again, you need to add some form of weekly review and planning ahead into your lifestyle.

The “Sunday Ritual” simply means doing a couple of small things to prepare for the week ahead.

This will help you start each week feeling fresh, prepared, and ready for action.

Find the awesome:

So often we focus on what we aren’t doing (but should) that we forget we’re already doing soooo much right!

Think back over the past week:

  • What went well for you?
  • Where did you succeed β€” even just a little bit?
  • What were your small victories?

Success breeds success. Even the smallest victories can help you build momentum and continue to be successful

Just like how things can “spiral downwards and out of control” things can also “spiral upwards and into control”.

This Sunday (and every Sunday going forwards, if possible) try to “find the awesome”.

Then, see how can you do more of that.

Learn from your failures:

At Sleekgeek we like to say that the only true failure is failing to learn from your mistakes. Everything else is just feedback and learning.

When it comes to your “failures” this past week, ask yourself:

“Do I have a problem, or do I have an excuse?”

There are lots of things standing in the way of you and your goals. Time, money, energy, work, family, etc, etc.

It’s useful to be able to re-frame every obstacle you face as either a problem or an excuse.

If it’s a problem then that’s FANTASTIC!

  • Problems can be solved and you can ALWAYS take a step forwards in some way. No matter how small that step is. You can fail, learn, and then try again to do better next time.

If it’s an excuse then that’s the REAL PROBLEM!

  • Excuses lead to inaction. They justify why something is so without requiring any additional steps to be taken to address the issue or prevent it from happening again. Excuses protect you from failing. They stroke your ego and save you from embarrassment. But that’s it.

Failure is feedback.

You can’t get better if you don’t fail and learn. Let go of your excuses and take responsibility.

This Sunday (and every Sunday going forwards, if possible) identify what your problems were and spend some time thinking how you could either avoid that happening again or be more prepared to deal with it next time.

If you need help or ideas, reach out to us in the Sleekgeek 30-Day Nutrition Challenge Support Group on Facebook. That’s why it’s there, to support you.

Help “Future You”:

What can you do today to help “Future You” feel more fresh, prepared, and ready for action in the week ahead?

  • Stock up on convenient healthy foods that you actually like and will eat?
  • Take some “me time| out to relax and look after yourself?
  • Design your environment to set yourself up for success rather than failure?
  • Make time to workout by scheduling it into your calendar or booking a class?
  • Prep some healthy food for Monday or even several days in the week ahead?

Remember, even if you have family, loved ones, and work to take care of – you can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.

Whatever you choose to do to help “Future You”, keep it simple and do-able.

Bonus Infographic:

Precision Nutrition have a great article called 3 Key Strategies For Having Healthy Food Available When You Need It.

They also have an accompanying Weekly Meal Prep Mastered [Infographic] that summarises main points.

See the full infographic here.

πŸš€ Coming up next tomorrow:

Tomorrow is another full day of healthy eating so get ready to eat a healthy breakfast, pack a healthy lunch, and treat your family to a deliciously healthy dinner. No excuses this time! Challenge yourself to put everything together that you have learned over the past few weeks.

😊 Remember to check in with us in 30-Day Nutrition Challenge Support Group on Facebook to let us know how this challenge is going for you.