[Day 25] Sleekgeek 30-Day Nutrition Challenge

πŸ‘‹ Welcome to Day 25 of the Sleekgeek 30-Day Nutrition Challenge!

Each day, for 30 days, we’re going to help you improve your nutrition and build healthy habits that will serve you for a lifetime.

  • πŸ’‘ Each day we will challenge you to take action with a daily task that you need to complete. 

Best of all, we will be with you every step of the way in our dedicated Sleekgeek 30-Day Nutrition Challenge Group on Facebook.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what Week 4 looks like:

Remember to download and print out the FULL 30-Day Calendar here: PNG or PDF.

Today’s 🎯 Task:

This is what you need to do in order to successfully complete today’s challenge task.

  • βœ… Challenge yourself to eat no snacks today, only well-rounded meals. If you get hungry, wait until you are at least a 7/10 on the hunger scale and then eat a proper meal. (Remember from Day 23, 1/10 is NOT hungry at all and 10/10 is the hungriest you’ve EVER been.)
  • βœ… Notice and Name. Take note of when you start feeling “snacking” and see if you can identify what your triggers are. Are you bored? Are you stressed? Are you just following habit/routine and this is when you normally snack, regardless of hunger?
  • βœ… If you have a medical condition and have been advised by a health professional to snack regularly or eat frequently then follow their recommendations first and foremost. As an alternative challenge, go back to Day 23 and play The Hunger Game again.

⚠️ Click here if you need a reminder about how this challenge works and what the rules are.

❓ Got a question? Feel free to ask it in the Sleekgeek 30-Day Nutrition Challenge Support Group on Facebook.

More πŸ”” Info:

Week 4’s Key Nutrition Strategy is all about the putting it all together (Sleekgeek Food List + Sleekgeek Meal TemplateSleekgeek Portion Control Guide).

However, even if you’re eating the right foods in the right combinations in the right amounts… You still need to know when to eat them.

Playing The Hunger Game on Day 23 will have helped you get more in tune with your hunger and fullness cues (how hungry are you on a scale of 1-10 and can you identify what 80% full feels like?).

Now, we’re going to challenge you a bit further.

Life’s a snack

Most of us are used to having breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack.

Today we’re going to shake things up a bit and take those snacks away.

This is to help you differentiate between actual hunger and habitual eating.

Very rarely do we experience actual hunger – it’s because we’re usually armed with snacks to keep that feeling at bay.

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t have anything against snacking. We just want you to be more mindful about your food habits – and the easiest way to do that is to take out the snacks.

This way you will see that usually you’re eating out of habit rather than hunger.

Rate your hunger

If you didn’t quite get the “rate your hunger” exercise from Day 23’s task, here it is again in a bit more depth.

1) Imagine a physical hunger scale from 1 to 10.

  • 1 is no hunger.
  • 10 is the hungriest you’ve ever been, like “My vision is going black and I would eat raw tree bark right now” kind of hunger.

2) Before each meal, pause.

  • Ask yourself: Am I physically hungry?
  • Do I NEED to eat?
  • Or am I just eating because I WANT to (desire / craving) or feel like I SHOULD (habit)?

3) Rank your physical hunger on a scale from 1 to 10.

  • If you’re somewhere around a 7 or higher, go ahead and eat.
  • If you’re not there yet, wait a little longer.

Remember that physical hunger comes in waves. So if you feel a wave of hunger, wait for a few minutes and see what happens. It might be a blip.

Bonus points if you can stop at 80% full

4) Eat slowly, and pause after each bite.

  • Check in. Notice your body signals. How would you rank your hunger now?
  • If you’re somewhere around a 2 to 3 or lower (which is more or less 80% full), stop. You’re done. Pause. Again, notice what this stopping point feels like. Or what thoughts come up (e.g. “Oh no! I’m wasting food!”).
  • If you’re not yet down to a 2 to 3, take another bite. Repeat until you get to something that seems like 80% full. Then stop.

Again, this doesn’t have to be precise. You’re just getting the hang of where this stopping point occurs.

Eating to 80% full

πŸš€ Coming up next tomorrow:

Tomorrow is another full day of healthy eating (just like Day 21 and Day 23) so get ready to eat a healthy breakfast, pack a healthy lunch, and treat your family to a deliciously healthy dinner. No excuses this time! Challenge yourself to put everything together that you have learned over the past few weeks.

😊 Remember to check in with us in 30-Day Nutrition Challenge Support Group on Facebook to let us know how this challenge is going for you.