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6 Habits to help you get back on track after a weekend of celebrating the Bokke

First off, go Bokke! 🇿🇦

Saturday night’s game definitely got our hearts racing and according to Sleekgeek Mick Waters, “It’s official, calories don’t count until Monday… perhaps even Wednesday.” 🤣

I can’t vouch for whether that’s true or not, but following such a celebratory weekend it’s natural to feel a bit “off track”.

But here’s the thing, you’re always only one healthy meal or one workout away from being back on track again.

So let’s get to it!

Wipe the Slate Clean

Today’s a new day.

Let’s “wipe the slate clean” with a fresh start.

Stop fixating on the missed workouts, unhealthy meals, late nights, or anything else that you might be feeling guilty about indulging in this weekend and instead focus on moving forward.

What’s past is behind you. And the future looks awesome.

So here’s your new plan:

1) Acknowledge: Reflect on the weekend without self-blame, understanding that celebrating a big event can lead to indulgence.

2) Forgive and Move On: Forgive any dietary lapses or skipped workouts, and move forward with your health goals.

3) Focus on Now: Let go of the past and focus on making healthier choices starting now.

4) Small Actions: Begin with small, manageable actions that immediately move you forward.

6 Habits to Get You Back on Track

In Sleekgeek’s free #21STRONG Habit Tracking Challenge we have a collection of 40+ bite-sized healthy habits for you to choose from.

If you want some help getting back on track after a weekend of celebrating, why not commit to tracking these 6 habits (or any others that you choose) for the next 7+ days:

1) Drink Water

Make hydration a priority again by tracking how much water you drink each day. Drinking enough water will help you boost energy levels and brain function, reduce headaches and hunger get you back on track with drinking lower calorie drinks, and help with weight loss.

2) Eat Lean Protein

Proteins are the building blocks of life and a great anchor habit to build your meals around. Eating enough protein will help you to increase your metabolism, build lean muscle, reduce body fat, manage appetite, balance blood sugar, and feel more satisfied after meals.

3) No Snacking

After a weekend of snacking, it can take a while to get used to being OK with a little bit of hunger in-between meals again. Let’s get back to eating because we’re truly physically hungry rather than because we’re bored or tired or just feeling nibbly.

4) Get Some Steps

Walking more throughout the day is one of the simplest and most reliable ways to boost your overall health and wellbeing. It can improve cardiovascular fitness, reduce stress, and increase your daily energy expenditure. Let’s get moving!

5) Great Day

Sometimes it can feel like we have an endless list of priorities… But what are 3 things that you will do to make today GREAT? By setting 3 definitive actions for the day, you not only manage your time effectively but also infuse a sense of purpose and accomplishment into your routine.

6) Sleep Ritual

Just like how you can’t go from 0 to 100 first thing in the morning, you can’t do the reverse and go from 100 to 0 last thing at night either. A sleep ritual is a set of behaviours that help to facilitate good sleep and get you back into a consistent sleep routine.

If you want to see more habits like these, sign up for Sleekgeek’s free #21STRONG Habit Tracking Challenge.

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