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Habit-Building Challenge

21 Days to Better Habits

Health is a habit - you are what you 🔁 repeatedly do.

Sleekgeek's #21STRONG is a 21-Day Habit Building Challenge where you pick a handful of healthy habits that are most important to you from our Habit Library and commit to ✅ tracking them for 21 days.

Win incredible prizes!

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Join us for a community-wide group start on the 7th of August 2023 and you could win some incredible prizes from Vitaforce and adidas!

3 x Weekly Participation Prizes

Best of all, the Sleekgeek #21STRONG Challenge is FREE!

Here's how it works:

Pick Your Habits to Track

We recommend picking 4-8 habits from the list above to track every day for 21 days. You can do less or even more, but we've found 4-8 are the sweet spot.

Choose the Frequency

Most of the habits can be done daily, but feel free to choose your own minimum frequency to best suit your schedule and goals.

Choose the Intensity

Most of the habits are scalable. Make them easier or more difficult depending on your ability and goals. Remember, consistency beats perfection.

Get Tracking!

Download a habit tracking app like Habit Share or use the free printable Sleekgeek Habit Tracker.

Share Your Progress

Report back to us each day (or as often as you can) in the Sleekgeek Health Revolution Facebook Group.
Use #21STRONG and be sure to mention what day of the challenge you're on.

"The daily focus and motivation ensured that I had a hard look at myself and the habits which sabotage all my good intentions. This challenge is an absolute must for everyone who wants to change their life"
Elizna B. Peens
Sleekgeek Community Member
"I love this challenge and I'm learning new things every day. Most importantly, that I don't have to be perfect. I'm allowed to make mistakes. All I have to do is carry on again. Consistency is key."
Baileigh Higgins
Sleekgeek Community Member
"Loved it, will definitely recommend it. I'm making it part of my every day living and learning it for my whole family."
Patrys Königsbrück
Sleekgeek Community Member

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