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#21STRONG August Group Start

The next group start for #21STRONG, Sleekgeek’s habit-building challenge, kicks off this coming Monday the 7th of August.

You joining us?!

Read more below or sign up here now(if you’ve already signed up previously, you don’t need to re-sign up, but do check out some of the new habits that we’ve added since the last group start).

About #21STRONG

#21STRONG is a free habit-building challenge where you pick a handful of healthy habits that are most important to you from Sleekgeek’s habit library and commit to tracking them for 21 days.

Health is a habit after all – you are what you repeatedly do.

Here’s how it works:

1) You pick your habits to track. We recommend picking 4-8 habits from the list above to track every day for 21 days. You can do less or even more, but we’ve found 4-8 are the sweet spot.

2) You choose the Frequency.
 Most of the habits can be done daily, but feel free to choose your own minimum frequency to best suit your schedule and goals.

3) You choose the Intensity.
 Most of the habits are scalable. Make them easier or more difficult depending on your ability and goals. Remember, consistency beats perfection.

4) You get tracking!
 Download the habit-tracking app or use the printable Sleekgeek Habit Tracker.

5) You share your progress (and inspire others).
Report back to us each day (or as often as you can) in the Sleekgeek Health Revolution Facebook Group. Use #21STRONG and be sure to mention what day of the challenge you’re on.

Sign up to join us here for the next community-wide Group Start on Monday the 7th of August.

Our Health Revolution

If you didn’t already know, Sleekgeek is on a mission to transform the lives of 1 million people using the power of healthy habits and community support.

We’re declaring war on unhealthy living and calling on you to join us!

In a world where sick, tired, and unhealthy is quickly becoming the norm, we are fighting for a better future!

A true Sleekgeek is someone (like you) who builds healthy habits and inspires others to do the same.

If we each take a few small daily actions to think, eat, move, and sleep better while helping or inspiring others to do the same, the ripple effect would be enormous!

Tracking and Accountability

#21STRONG is all about tracking your habits and being accountable.

We’ve spent some time testing out a variety of habit-tracking apps and settled on a free one to recommend for this challenge called HabitShare.

It’s completely free with minimal fluff and features, but it does allow you to:

  1. Add your own habit(s).
  2. Set a frequency for a habit (daily, specific days, # per week, or # per month).
  3. Set reminders to do a habit (you can have as many reminders as you want at any time on any day).
  4. Add friends and choose if you want to share your habit progress with them for accountability.

Ultimately, our goal with #21STRONG is to make it embedded in the Sleekgeek community.

For now, we’re using community-wide group starts to get momentum, but we’d like it to eventually become the kind of challenge that Sleekgeek’s can take up at any time for their own benefit.

We know some people will want to run #21STRONG challenges back-to-back, over and over again. Maybe with the same habits, maybe with different ones each time.

When someone new comes into the Sleekgeek community, we want them to see Sleekgeeks tracking their habits and sharing their progress.

We want new Sleekgeeks to know that the first step is to take on #21STRONG by picking even just 1 or 2 habits to track for 21 days.

At Sleekgeek, “People like us do things like this.”

We identify healthy habits that want to build, we commit to them for at least 21 days, we track our progress on a daily basis, and inspire others to do the same

You joining us?

The next Sleekgeek community-wide group start for #21STRONG kicks off next Monday the 7th of August!

Sign up here.

And come chat to us here on this Facebook post, we’d love to know what you think of these changes.

Don’t forget to invite your friends and family to join you!

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