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#21STRONG Challenge Revamped!

Sleekgeek’s #21STRONG challenge just got a HUGE revamp and we’re re-launching it next week with a community Group Start on Monday!

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We’re suuuuper excited because this is where we get to try new things and have fun with helping people to build healthy habits.

For those who don’t know about Sleekgeek’s #21STRONG, it was originally launched as “a mental toughness challenge for those who are looking to improve their willpower, commitment, and resilience.

Here’s what it USED to look like (see more about the revamp below):

Originally, it was a 21-day challenge made up of 6 small daily challenges to complete every day for 21 days.

It was a bit more hardcore, rigid, and not as beginner-friendly as our usual slow and steady approach to building healthy habits.

And yet we still received RAVE reviews for it!

So we knew we were on the right track.

We found that Sleekgeeks loved having a set of clear-cut repeatable actions for them to do each day that they could then track their commitment to.

But, we found that Sleekgeeks didn’t love having to do all 6 of the mini-challenges, and not being able to choose their own.

We also felt that while a “mental challenge” was cool, our top priority is still to focus more on helping people build rock-solid healthy habits.

Since #21STRONG originally kicked off in January this year, we’ve been going through all of the feedback that we received (both good and bad) to give it a serious revamp.

So here it is!

The brand new #21STRONG

First, Sleekgeek #21STRONG will still be free and available to everyone.

Second, it will be much more flexible.

The focus is shifting away from it being a “mental toughness challenge” and more towards it being a way for you to decide what healthy habits you want to focus on and commit to tracking them for 21 days.

Third, there will be much more variety.

Rather than having 6 mini-challenges that you need to complete, there will be 24 different “habits” for you to choose from (with even more coming soon),

You’ll be able to choose as few or as many habits to track as you’d like.

We we recommend choosing between 4 and 8 depending on the difficulty of the habits you choose and whether you’re a beginner or advanced.

As you’ll see below, each habit comes with its own brief instructions.

These instructions are just enough to help you understand what to do and scale it up or down depending on your ability.

Tracking and Accountability

#21STRONG is all about tracking your habits and being accountable.

We’ve spent some time testing out a variety of habit-tracking apps and settled on a free one to recommend for this challenge called HabitShare.

It’s completely free with minimal fluff and features, but it does allow you to:

  1. Add your own habit(s).
  2. Set a frequency for a habit (daily, specific days, # per week, or # per month).
  3. Set reminders to do a habit (you can have as many reminders as you want at any time on any day).
  4. Add friends and choose if you want to share your habit progress with them for accountability.

Unlike previous free 21-Day Challenges that we run at Sleekgeek, there won’t be any prizes this time.

We’ve thought long and hard about this decision.

Ultimately, our goal with #21STRONG is to make it embedded in the Sleekgeek community.

Something that doesn’t just happen once in a while with a big group start, but rather a challenge that Sleekgeek’s can take up at any time for their own benefit.

We know some people will want to run #21STRONG challenges back-to-back, over and over again. Maybe with the same habits, maybe with different ones each time.

When someone new comes into the Sleekgeek community, we want them to see Sleekgeek’s tracking their habits and sharing their progress.

We want new Sleekgeeks to know that the first step is to take on #21STRONG by picking even just 1 or 2 habits to track for 21 days.

At Sleekgeek, “People like us do things like this.”

We identify healthy habits that want to build, we commit to them for at least 21 days, and we track our progress on a daily basis.

Over time we hope to expand the habit library to include more and more habits to choose from.

You joining us?

The Sleekgeek community-wide group start for the new #21STRONG kicks off next Monday the 10th of July!

Sign up here

Don’t forget to invite your friends and family to join you!

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