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Build your Self-reliance to succeed.

The theme of our 2020 8-Week Challenge is “Be Your Own Hero” and on this topic, in my last post I encouraged you to be more SELF-ish

Today I want to focus on the idea of Self-reliance.

In life, we always turn outwardly for everything: Happiness, advice, affection, love, approval, validation.

We ask experts for advice. We use drugs when we’re in pain. We expect others to solve our problems.

Self-Reliance Is The Secret Sauce To Consistent Happiness.

One of my favourite poets Rumi said

“The universe is not outside of you,

Look inside yourself. Everything that you want, you already are”.

The message is that we should look as much to ourselves as to others.

We do not lack resources in this modern world – we lack resourcefulness and we can choose what to consume and when to consume it.

Are you consuming the things that allow you to grow?

Aside from assuming responsibility and making your own decisions one of the most powerful steps to self-reliance is to be informed.

If you have kids you would hope that at school they are taught to think for themselves over parrot-fashion spoon-feeding.

SO, why then do we abdicate responsibility and outsource our health? Why do we walk around with the attitude of, “just tell me what to do? I do not have the time to think for myself.” 

You have to put the “geek” into Sleekgeek and you do that by becoming passionate and curious about health.

Interrogating what you are told critically. Questioning. Experimenting with ideas and actions.

Becoming ACTIVE in driving your life forward as opposed to passively letting life act on you.

When I work one-on-one with coaching clients I stress that nobody can be more an expert of you than yourself. Nobody can know what you need as well as you do. 

If you are ready to BE YOUR OWN HERO why not join our latest 8-Week Challenge and use the tools we offer you to build your self-reliance and become self-sufficient.

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Over R100,000 worth of prizes up for grabs

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