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Healthy habits for our oceans

As you know, we have been supporting our friends over at adidas as they host the adidas Run for the Oceans campaign during World Ocean’s Month (June).

We have kicked things off in true Sleekgeek style and hosted 3 Sleekgeek Health Walks across the country, which has seen us log a total of 1, 169km and R17, 401 as of Sunday 9th June!

Thank you so much for contributing!

As we continue to build on the campaign momentum we also hope to implement practical daily habits to decrease our dependence on plastic.

We pulled some great tips from The World Wildlife Fund and Greenpeace.

  • Say no to plastic cutlery.
    Did you know plastic cutlery is used for about 3 minutes before being disposed of? Carry your own or use biodegradable ones.
  • Ditch the cling wrap
    Use foil instead as it is recyclable. You can also use Beeswax Wraps which are a natural alternative to plastic wrap for food storage, made of beeswax, organic cotton, organic jojoba oil and tree resin.
  • Toss the teabags
    Well, don’t use them as disposing of teabags actually leads to microplastics entering our waterways. Use loose-leaf tea instead or look for tea.
  • Give up gum
  •  Avoid excessive food packaging
    Take your own reusable bag and the bonus of choosing loose fruit and veg is that it is often cheaper!

Remember that every bit helps and something is always better than nothing.

Here is a reminder on how you can make a habit a part of your identity. Eric wrote this a while back but it is still 100% relevant.

Whether it is choosing healthy food options, going to the gym regularly or simply always using your own reusable coffee cup, you choose to be the person you want to be.

Why not choose to be someone that also cares about the environment?

And at the end of the campaign, as a token of our appreciation for racking up those kilometres we will randomly draw 3 people (who have run/walked a minimum of 5km) from our Sleekgeek Leaderboard and reward them with the following:

1st: R1000
2nd: Entry to the 8 Week Transformation Challenge plus a Sleekgeek T/Vest, Cap and gym towel.
3rd: Entry to the 8 Week Transformation Challenge plus a Sleekgeek T/Vest, Cap and gym towel.

How do I log my runs and join the cause?


  1. Download the Runtastic app on your phone.
  2. Tap the Progress tab.
  3. You can select Run For The Oceans under Challenges. Click Join Challenge.
  4. Join the Sleekgeek Group on Runtastic so that we can measure our contribution as a community by clicking here. – if that does not work, then search for the Sleekgeek group!
  5. Start moving! Every kilometre you run between June 8 and June 16th counts!
  6. Invite your friends so they can make a contribution. 


For more details and troubleshooting please CLICK HERE.

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