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Candice Grobler Interview [adidas Perfect Fit Series]

Welcome to the Sleekgeek and adidas “Perfect Fit” series.  

We’re sharing the powerful stories of ladies in our community who have all used exercise and training to create massive change in their lives. adidas believes that “through sport, we have the power to change lives” and these ladies prove it.

Candice Grobler is a Sleekgeek Yoga enthusiast who we gave the “perfect fit” with a Light Support Bra as well as tights and footwear to match her style.

In this interview, you can read all about her inspiring journey of change.

Watch the video below of Candice talking to us about how training and sport have changed her life.

Name: Candice Leigh Grobler
Age: 39
Location: Cape Town

What do you do? Financial and Events Manager at Moyo at Eden

What else do you do?
I’m a single mother of 1, who strives to encourage movement and activity in my little one. I love hiking, gymming, mountain biking, photography, swimming and relaxing with a movie or a book


How long have you been a member of Sleekgeek?
3 years

How did you find Sleekgeek?
A friend of mine was part of Sleekgeek and added me to the page.

What is your favourite part of the Sleekgeek Community?
My favourite part of the Sleekgeek community is the comradeship and support everyone gets, no matter their journey, just beginning or having been part of it for years, everyone is supportive


Describe the “old you” before you made your transformation. How did you get there and what were you like?
I reached 87kgs at my biggest after giving birth to my daughter, but I had been in the 80s for a few years before already. I was very uncomfortable with myself and looking back at my “before” photos, I’m often disappointed in how much I’d let myself go. My ex-husband and I were always active, but my eating and drinking habits were not healthy.

What ignited your initial motivation to change?
My biggest turning point for me was when somebody told me I’d need to wear size 40DD bras, and I was mortified. I had a friend of mine who was part of a Bfit group, and I started going with her once every week and worked out at home after getting my child to school, before going to work.

I joined the Sleekgeek Facebook Group and got so much information and assistance from fellow sleeks, I managed to slowly get into my transformation.

What are some of the things that the new you does differently now?
I’m more active and more conscious of everything I eat and drink although I do have my days where I lose complete control in what I consume, but it’s always a conscious effort to be healthy and happy

What are some of the things that the new you still struggle with?
My diet is not 100%, can definitely tighten up controls there, as I do struggle with that and I have a very sweet tooth.

If you could give yourself 1 piece of advice to help with that struggle, what would it be?
Keep calm and relax ☺, we can have our cheat days, but as long as 95% of your days are healthy, and no two days in a row, don’t get despondent

Did you plateau, get stuck, or get disillusioned, or even slide backwards a bit on your journey?
Yes slid backwards on my journey in 2017, since getting divorced then, being a single mom took a priority to squeezing in gym time especially during my busiest work period, it took a toll on my body, where I feel if I don’t exercise as often then my diet goes all awry.

What is better since you got healthy?
My body feels better, I feel healthier and stronger than ever before. 


What’s your favourite form of exercise?
Yoga, high intensity interval training and weights and I absolutely love doing Obstacle Courses. 

How long have you been training and how did you get started?
I joined a group called B-fit in 2014, once a week crossfit type classes, and did my own exercises at home in the mornings, if I did not get to do my exercises in the morning, I’d feel heavier and less energetic throughout the day.

Exercise certainly encourages healthy eating and feeling good. I did my first 12km Warrior in 2014, and since then, have strived to get stronger and fitter to be able to do more Obstacle Courses

What does your typical workout look like?
My typical workouts vary every day, as I try to get my body trained in different ways all the time, but I always warm up (the most important part of any exercise regime) with a bit of cardio to get the blood pumping then I’ll either do a high intensity interval training like 5 sets of 5 exercises timed to 5 minutes each set or I’ll do weights focusing on strength training.

Favorite exercise? [Distance / pose / movement / etc]
My absolute favourite exercise is the calmness and strength inducing of yoga, I love being flexible and strong and feel yoga allows me this. I feel at peace practicing this form of exercise and strive to improve myself in this discipline.

Least favorite exercise? [Distance / pose / movement / etc]
Running, I feel like I’m constantly struggling to get into the momentum of running

How does exercise make you feel?
Exercise makes me happy, I’ve been told to go to gym when I’ve not been for a few days and getting grumpy ☺ I feel it sets a good vibe within myself for the rest of my day when I’ve been to the gym.

Do you prefer to train alone or with others? Why?
Most of the time, I like exercising alone as I’m deaf and constantly talking to others gets distracting for me. But having said that, there have been friends of mine and we’d get together and do a group crossfit type session and it would be incredibly motivating to keep up the pace and do better and work harder.

Most embarrassing training moment?
Um, well I’m clumsy. At any given moment I can twist my ankle or fall off an obstacle or from the high bars in the gym oops.

Top 3 things you must have at the gym or in your gym bag?
Gym towel to wipe down in the gym, my notebook with my planned session and my sports watch

Your next training goal?
I am aiming to compete in more running races and obstacle courses next year, aiming to get fitter. 

Top 5 songs on your training playlist?
I don’t do music for reasons that I wear a hearing aid, and I love talking/greeting fellow gym goers.

How has exercise/training/Sport Changed your life?
I use exercise as a break away from everyday life, one needs an hour or so to unwind and destress and that helps me get through my days. Getting stronger and fitter has shown me that our bodies are capable of anything we put our minds to.


Watch the video below with our adidas bra expert explaining the various supports we selected for our ladies and their on camera reactions. 

How did your adidas bra and tights experience make you feel?
My Adidas bra and tights experience was simply amazing. The knowledge of the bra fitting expert was helpful and made me so comfortable, and at ease. The bra and leggings themselves were a perfect fit and made doing my yoga much more comfortable knowing I was in good hands ☺

The overall experience was nerve wracking to say the least, never been on camera before, but it was an experience I’d treasure for the rest of my days. It was an incredible feeling being invited by Elan and Eric to do something like this. Getting to meet the ladies that have been a source of inspiration all this time on Sleekgeek was just sublime.



What’s your favourite meal?

OK, now what’s your favourite healthy meal?
I love a good roast, so roasted veggies with a pork chop or chicken breasts, is my favourite healthy meal.
What’s your nutrition philosophy / approach? [If you have one]
Don’t really have but I just try to not have seconds and smaller portions are best.
How many meals a day do you eat?
Three. I don’t really snack in between, have my boiled eggs on a slice of rooibos rye bread every morning, then leftover lunch from dinner the night before then a cooked meal for dinner with my daughter. I almost always include baby spinach leaves in every lunch and dinner I have.

Do you have a cheat meal / treat strategy?

Yes, I find that if I cut something out altogether then I crave it. So I allow myself one cheat day a week, be it with pizza or a delicious creamy pasta. But even with my pizza and pasta, I will still have my baby spinach ☺


Most memorable personal best achievement to date. Something you maybe never imagined you could do?
In one yoga class I got to the point of doing quite a number of poses that while watching it seemed impossible, but albeit only for a couple of seconds, but that was incredible.

Favorite quote?
Live life to the fullest

Favourite book?
I get my monthly Women’s Health which I love reading for ideas and exercise tips. Currently reading a true life story about a woman who sailed around the world solo – At one with the Sea by Dame Naomi James

What inspires and motivates you?
When I see people everyday doing their bit to transform themselves, and seeing the incredible strength some people have when completing OCRs and endurance running or cycling

For what are you most grateful?
For my daughter, she’s my strength and it’s her that I want to inspire the most. For Sleekgeek for always being out there, motivating and pushing people everyday to be a better version of themselves everyday. For the support I get from my fellow friends and family, without whom I couldn’t have done it.

What do you want to say to other community members who might be nervous or hesitant to make a start?
Starting is the first step towards your transformation journey. Taking that first step into the gym, or joining a class for the first time, that first effort is the most important, that takes strength.

What are your top 5 tips for anyone starting on a healthy journey?

  1. The way I started out was little steps at a time. I didn’t cut out anything, I cut down. Everyday started getting easier and easier when I started out completely unfit.Baby steps
  2. Smaller portions and no seconds
  3. Increasing exercise times each day – adding a few minutes to a walk in the beginning helps so much
  4. Have the support system, ensure your friends and family are aware of your goals and stand by you
  5. Never skip Mondays or don’t skip 2 days in a row, easy to slide back into the old way of doing nothing that way

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