Be Your Own Hero with Sleekgeek’s Hoodies and T-Shirts

Be Your Own Hero Merch

This year’s “theme” at Sleekgeek has been “Be Your Own Hero”.

It’s a concept that is close to our hearts as well as our mission of transforming the lives of 1 million people.

We believe that if we each take a few small daily actions to think, eat, move, and sleep better while helping or inspiring others to do the same, the ripple effect would be enormous!

That’s why we have made these awesome “Be Your Own Hero” Sleekgeek branded Hoodies and T-Shirts to serve as a daily reminder.

It starts with us!

Anyways, Hoodies go for R400 each and T-Shirts are R250.

Each online order gets a free Gold “Be Your Own Hero” wristband and orders over R500 get free shipping.

Female / Pink Hoodie [More Info]


Female / Pink T-Shirt [More Info]


Male / Blue Hoodie [More Info]


Male / Blue T-Shirt [More Info]

FYI, we’re also currently running a clearance sale on the old Sleekgeek Health Revolution T-Shirts.

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