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Welcome to Sleekgeek, welcome to the family!

Whether you are looking to lose weight, get fit and strong, build a better relationship with food, or simply enjoy a healthy and happier lifestyle… You have come to the right place! You have an opportunity to join over 180,000 other Sleekgeeks, it’s free!

In a world where sick, tired, and unhealthy is quickly becoming the norm, the Sleekgeek Health Revolution is the efforts of real everyday people – just like you – to live a better life.

  • We are the ones fighting to level up our lives and create a “new normal” for ourselves!
  • We are leading by example to make the world a healthier and happier place!
  • We are doing it together, with us you will never be alone!

This truly is a revolution as we are declaring war on unhealthy living and calling you to join us!

If we each take a few small daily actions to think, eat, move, and sleep better while helping or inspiring others to do the same, the ripple effect would be enormous.

To put it simply, Sleekgeek is an online community of support and motivation for your healthy lifestyle goals.

Sleekgeek is where you come to meet and be around like-minded people every single day. The kind of people who are going to help you become a better, healthier, and stronger version of yourself.

You can ask questions, get help, give help, find inspiration, share your successes, take part in community challenges, and be a part of the Sleekgeek Health Revolution!

You can help us change the world while becoming the best version of yourself at the same time.

Sign up to become a Sleekgeek Inspirer and we will help you get started right away (or keep on reading more about us below).

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A Sleekgeek Inspirer is someone who leads by example and inspires others with their actions.

In the form below, pledge your commitment to the Sleekgeek Health Revolution and help us change the world!

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Sleekgeek’s vision

…is for homes, schools, and workplaces to be healthy places that enable rather than disable vitality.

Enough is enough!

All too often these are sources of resistance, unhealthy habits, or negative peer pressure for people, and that’s a shame because they have the power to be our strongest allies in living a healthy lifestyle. They can truly make or break our success.

At Sleekgeek, we envision a future where…

  • Households are well stocked with more real food and less food-products.
  • Children are lead by good example and learn about nutrition from an early age.
  • Companies incentivise and reward employees for being health conscious.
  • Stress is proactively managed so that it can be productive rather than destructive.
  • Sleep is a top priority rather than a last-minute thought or early morning regret.
  • Exercise and regular movement is a fun daily part of life.
  • Most of all, health is seen as the real wealth. Why? Because without it we have nothing…

This is the kind of reality that we are fighting to create with the Sleekgeek Health Revolution.

It starts with us and the daily choices we make.

Sleekgeek’s mission

…is to be the rallying point for this healthy lifestyle revolution.

The place where we can all band together around a common goal. Kids, teachers, parents, bosses, employees, health professionals and everyday people who are enthusiastic about health…

Our lives are hugely influenced by our environment and the people who we spend our time with. This is why Sleekgeek is a community first and foremost.

We want to be that uplifting environment. A source of positive conversation, inspiring stories, helpful resources, and the kind of idols or role models that will use their influence to help others be healthier. We also want to help make this health and fitness journey for everyone, and we know that having a solid support structure can make the world of a difference – both in good times and in bad. We are your health and fitness family!

It’s hard to bring about the kind of change that the Sleekgeek Health Revolution is calling for if it is forced or coerced from the top-down.

Instead, we believe in a bottom-up approach that is driven by the people, for the people, and each of us leading by example.

Our founders know first hand what it’s like to struggle with your health… Elan (above on the left – read his full story here) was an overweight chain-smoking corporate workaholic, while Eric (above on the right – read his full story here) grew up overweight and unhealthy his entire life, struggling to even imagine a kind of future that he is living now – fit, healthy, and happy.

Together they have fought hard to transform themselves and inspire others to do the same. They do this by surrounding themselves with like-minded people and leading by example as best they can.

Sleekgeek’s objective

…is to inspire 1 million people to transform themselves and lead a better quality life.

To do this we need YOU to join the Sleekgeek Health Revolution, take action in your own life, and then help others to do the same.

We plan to achieve this goal by asking everyone in Sleekgeek to go out and inspire just 3 people to join our cause. It could be friends, colleagues, family members, or even just social media followers that you’ve never even met.

So far we have already inspired over 100,000 people!

Now if everyone in Sleekgeek went out and inspired just 3 people each, then that would only need to be repeated once more by all the newcomers for us to achieve our goal.more to join our cause, then reaching 1 million people becomes a very realistic goal.

How’s that for the power of community effort?! Here are some figures:

  • Step 1: Sleekgeek HQ inspires 100,000 people – DONE!
  • Step 2: That 100,000 goes out and inspires 3 more (+300,000 new Sleekgeeks).
  • Step 3: That 300,000 goes out and inspires 3 more (+900,000 new Sleekgeeks).
  • A total of over 1.3 million people in our Revolution (Sleekgeek HQ + 100,000 + 300,000 + 900,000)!

Now before you start listening to all the reasons in your head as to why YOU think you can’t even inspire just 3 people in your life, we want to share with you what we believe inspiring to be.

That guy or girl who grows up fit and healthy their entire life isn’t all that inspiring. Sure, great for them and we are sure they worked really hard for that. But the people who really inspire us are those who struggle… The ones who show up every single day, against all odds, and never give up.

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, how old you are, or what you are able to do. All that matter is that you’re brave enough to stand up and fight for your health. 

Here’s what you can do:

  • Join our Revolution and pledge your commitment below. By signing up, you will become an official Sleekgeek Inspirer and add your name towards our goal of inspiring 1 million people. Your name will be added to our Inspirers Page in recognition of your support. We will then share with you some of our best tools to help you take action in your own life to eat, move, think, or sleep better.
  • Join our Online Support Community on Facebook. This is where the magic happens. Meet like-minded people and level up your life by spending more time with those who make you better. PLEASE, either 1) Seek help or 2) Offer encouragement, support, or inspiration to others. This Revolution is about taking action, not just being a casual bystander. You get out of life what you put in.
  • Tell the world about us. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram. Share this page (or any of our articles / resources / success stories) with social media followers, family, friends, co-workers, and anyone else that will listen! Do something good for your health today, and then share that knowledge or action with those around you. Making a healthy dinner? Invite a friend over to enjoy it with you! Overcame your fear of the gym? Tell a family member so they can do it too! You get the point.

Make Your Pledge:

Now’s your last chance to become a Sleekgeek Inspirer! Someone who leads by example and inspires others with their actions.

In the form below, pledge your commitment to the Sleekgeek Health Revolution and help us change the world!

As soon as you’re done, you will be given access to our Inspirer’s Toolbox that contains some of our top tools and resources to help you eat, move, think, and sleep better for FREE!