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Q&A: Glen Badenhorst

Here’s a quick Q&A with Glen Badenhorst who came 2nd in Men’s Transformation of Sleekgeek’s latest ULTIMATE YOU 8-Week Transformation Challenge (sign up for the new challenge now at www.ultimateyou.co.za)!

QUESTION 1:Give us a short history of your journey to health and fitness before the challenge?

A:I am usually active and try to workout at least 5 times a week and that is why I started the challenge just to keep me more motivated and working towards a goal

QUESTION 2: What prompted you to join the ULTIMATE YOU Transformation Challenge?

A:I needed a goal to work for and the challenge was just the thing.

QUESTION 3 :Give us a quick overview of the nutrition and eating plan that you followed during the challenge.

I started out with a balanced diet which consisted of eggs and oats for breakfast, chicken basmati rice and mixed veggies 2x day and then sweet potatoes and chicken, and a protein shake after gym and then chicken about 1hr after gym.

4wks into the challenge I started with carb cycling and ate rice and sweet potatoes only 2 days per week.

QUESTION 4:Give us a quick overview of the training and exercise plan that you followed during the challenge.

A: I trained at least 6 days a week. I did a lot of supersets and did cardio at least 30mins per day. I mainly did 1 muscle group per day, except for arms which I did biceps and triceps together. Abs I did at least 3x a week, but a quick session of 2 – 3 exercises.

QUESTION 5: Did you use any supplements or do anything else worth mentioning to help you get results?

A: Everyday I took multivitamin and also vitamin C. Also a Whey protein everyday immediately after gym just to put in some nutrients after gym.

QUESTION 6:If you could give 3 pieces of advice to future challengers, what would they be?

A: Get a diet and stick to it for at least 2 weeks before changing, training is important but your diet is much more important.

Get a support system, me and my Wife Marinda Badenhorst always go to gym together and we support each other, we keep on pushing each other and we help each other, without her I would not be able to keep this lifestyle going.

Get a goal and work towards it and then when you reach it get a new goal.

Most important thing is,  do this for yourself and not for anyone else,

there will be days that you are not in the mood or feeling down but keep going, remember why you started.

Listen to your body and keep pushing

QUESTION 6:What did you find most valuable about your experience?

A: My wife’s support and dedication,  she kept me going. Also we stuck through this together and is going strong after the challenge.



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