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“Team Asijiki” our Xhosa group reaches 25,000 members!

Wow! At Sleekgeek we love new milestones. We also love to celebrate our victories. 

If you are not aware we have a Xhosa-speaking support group on Facebook for our 30-day  REBOOT Real Eating Challenge.  

That group just passed 25,000 members and is growing like wildfire. Members are from all around the country. It was only the other day we passed 10,000 ladies. It is an incredible success story.

We are very excited about it. Our vision at Sleekgeek is to “Inspire 100,000 South Africans to live a healthier lifestyle and give them the tools to do it” – This unique groups ads to our established community of over 40,000 people in our main Facebook Group

When you scroll through the group you see a team of Xhosa-speaking people posting pictures of meals, recipes, home exercise routines as well as inspirational before and after images. The group was very female dominated to start but men are started to join and are welcomed. It is a very rare and unique community of people in SA! 

[Check out the Facebook Group and Join it here]

What is Asijiki and how did it start? 

carol-sassOne of our inspirational Sleekgeeks who lives in Cape Town, Alakhe Carol Gajana had some great success with our REBOOT program in her personal life. She has lost 38kgs with us so far. When not busy with her job in events and logistics for a top SA firm, she started to coach and motivate a small group of ladies in Xhosa using Whatsapp. [Read Carol’s personal story here

Her ladies started to get incredible results using the REBOOT. Many losing 20 or 30kgs fairly quickly. The demand grew and she came to me at Sleekgeek HQ and asked if we could launch a Xhosa support group which she would lead for Sleekgeek. 

Carol is affectionately referred to by her community as “Coach” and has a no-nonsense approach to helping people achieve their goals. 

Carol has already run a few workshops and is looking to organise a national seminar later in the year for “Team Asijiki” members around the country. 

I loved the idea! Even though the ladies can speak english sometimes discussing things in your mother tongue is more appealing. If that was not the case we would not have Afrikaans newspapers or a Huis Genoot Magazine. I thought we would try it was Sleekgeek’s first venture into another language area. 

Her and her amazing ladies adopted the phrase “Asijiki!” which is Xhosa for “No turning back!”. We love that concept and were very excited – and so Sleekgeek Team Asijiki was born. 



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