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Nomnqophiso Mahleza, 111kg to 94kg in just 4 months.

‎Hi my name is Nomnqophiso Sinuka Mahleza and I am 34yrs old. I started gaining weight since I gave birth to my 3rd born, my weight went from 79kg to 111kgs. I always made an excuse of my weight gain blaming everything from my genes to giving birth, completely turning a blind eye on the fact that I was killing myself by not being active and always eating unhealthy food.

I was constantly on miracle diets and diet pills and I was always stressed because I was not happy with my body. One day was busy preparing myself “bad” food and even felt proud at the time, not knowing I was killing myself, and I posted on Facebook that I prepared myself Malva pudding‎ and one of the ladies who is in the Sleekgeek #Asijiki group commented and told me to keep eating my Malva while they are busy making summer bodies. I quickly inboxed her and asked for help because I was in a state where it was just last kicks of a dying horse.

That is when my journey began, Alakhe Carol Gajana advised me to like the Sleekgeek page on Facebook which deals with rebooting to be healthy. She added me to the Sleekgeek Team Asijiki group (where everything to do with the Reboot is discussed in isiXhosa) She also added me on a whatsapp group she formed to help ladies around South Africa to live a healthy lifestyle that will definitely lead to weight loss.

I was given information on good and bad food‎, what to eat and what to avoid, and also thought on how to prepare meals using good oil and spices. I also made sure I go to bed early, so that in the morning I have time for 45 mins exercise 5 times a week.

From the very first week I felt a difference in my body, I felt very light and also I had a problem of bloated tummy and that was gone. As I was busy with my routine of eating clean, that is having a plate of food with protein, veg and fat 3 times a day and having fruit or nuts for snack, I rapidly lost weight. In the first 3 weeks I lost about 7 kgs. As I live in a location in Butterworth I made my own gym by investing for my health in a skipping rope, dumbbells, stretcher and an Ab wheel. These items really helped me in the exercise part and I also used Taebo dvds.

I started with 45 mins and now I can even make an hour or more when I exercise. I kept up with my new lifestyle, now living with so much more energy and in about 11 weeks I had already lost 12kgs.

I can say by now (16 Weeks later) that I have gone from 111 kgs to 94kgs. Thanks to my beautiful and caring coach Alakhe Carol Gajana and the Sleekgeek Team for assistance.


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