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The two sides of health and fitness

Today I want to get you thinking about how you approach your health and fitness goals.

There are two different ways to make progress…

You can:

Do ⬆️ more of the ✅ healthy habits that move you closer to your goals.

Do ⬇️ less of the ❌ unhealthy habits that move you further away from your goals.

Most people make the mistake of only looking at it from one end of the spectrum.

For example, you could:

  • Eat more veggies and lean protein, OR eat less donuts and chocolates.
  • Add in more workouts to your schedule, OR skip less workouts.
  • Go to bed earlier, OR go to bed late less often.
  • Go for deliberate walks more often, OR sit less and sit for shorter periods of time throughout the day.
  • Spend more time focusing on the good and visualizing a bright future, OR spend less time focusing on the bad and visualizing everything that could go wrong.

Now, a successful transformation will likely require you to work from BOTH ends of the spectrum at the same time.

Eating more veggies AND eating less chocolates, for example.

But, you don’t have to start there. Start with what’s easiest first.

And when you hit a wall with your progress, look to see how you can work from the other side as well.

When you find that you don’t have the time to add in more more workouts to your week, then focus on being as consistent as possible and skipping as few of those workouts you’ve already got scheduled.

When you find that it’s impossible for you to get into bed any earlier but you’re still feeling tired, see if you can reduce the number of super late nights that you have so that you get more sleep on average.

If you can see the nuance in this kind of approach to building healthy habits, it will change your life.

Hope that helps ya!

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