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Top 10 most popular habits in Sleekgeek #21STRONG

We kicked off Sleekgeek’s latest #21STRONG Habit-Building Challenge last week Monday with over 500 (and climbing) Sleekgeeks taking part so far!

The engagement and interaction in the Sleekgeek Facebook Group and WhatsApp Group have been so awesome to see!

I was curious and thought I would go crunch the data to see what the most popular habits are so far.

With 24 different habits to choose from, I was sure that some would be more popular than others. Useful data for us to know so that we can add more of what people like in the future.

Top Habit Categories:

In terms of the 4 habit categories, here’s how popular they were:

  • 33% were 🟢nutrition habits.
  • 29% were 🔴movement habits.
  • 21% were 🟡mindset habits.
  • 17% were 🟣sleep habits.

We’re planning on adding more categories in the future, stay tuned!

Top Individual Habits:

The most popular individual habits were:

  1. 🟢Drink Water
  2. 🔴Steps
  3. 🔴Exercise
  4. 🟣Sleep Ritual
  5. 🟢No Snacking
  6. 🟡Gratitude
  7. 🟢Vegetables
  8. 🟡Meditate
  9. 🟡De-Stress
  10. 🟢Protein

Keep in mind that this data is only from a small sample of those who filled out the survey/feedback form.

If you’d like to add your own data to give us even better insights, you can sign up here (if you haven’t already) and then fill out the feedback survey form here.

What’s Next?

So far we’re super happy with how this challenge is going!

It’s a bit different to our usual style of 21-day challenges at Sleekgeek, but it seems like it’s being well-received by the community.

Just to keep you in the loop, our next steps are:

1) Continue running the Sleekgeek #21STRONG Habit-Tracking Challenge.

We want to make this a continuous activity in the Sleekgeek community that anyone can do at any time.

Something that you can repeat over and over with different habit combinations, and something that new members can do as a first step upon joining the community.

2) Expand the number of habits in our Habit Library.

We launched with the bare minimum (6 in each category for a total of 24 habits) but we have a whole bunch more habits to add soon!

AND we want to explore some new categories too, like Stress Management, Relationships, General Health, Mental Health, Productivity, etc.

3) Add additional resources and instructions for individual habits as needed.

Again, we’re starting with the bare minimum information needed to get this launched and test the waters, but now that it’s proving to be well-received we’d like to add a bunch of additional resources to help you better understand and do each habit.

4) Create an in-depth habit-building guide.

It’s one thing to track a habit for a few days, especially when life is going well and you’re feeling highly motivated.

But how do you stick with it when life get’s “messy”?

We want to put together our best tips to get the most out of any of these habits so that they’re easier to stick with and quicker to become a real long-term habit no matter how life is going.

5) Eventually look at building a Sleekgeek app!

The current free HabitShare app that we recommend using works great for now, but we would love a few additional features.

For starters, we’d love to have our own Sleekgeek Habits built into the app so that you don’t have to manually add them.

We’d also like to add a way for our Challenge Teams to self-organise into groups within the app to keep each other accountable for their habits.

And with that, maybe some kind of cool leaderboard feature (either just for habit activity, like your “streaks”, or possibly something more competitive like a Steps Leaderboard).
This is a long-term goal as we would probably need to take on some outside funding/investment in order to build this and also find a way to make it economically viable to sustain while still keeping #21STRONG free and accessible to all.

We’d love to hear your thoughts!

If you haven’t signed up for #21STRONG yet, you can do so here.

If you’d like to add your own feedback/data to give us even better insights, you can fill out the survey form here.

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