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💪 8-Week Body Transformation Challenge! 🥗

We chat to Chelsea Milner who has lost an incredible 40 kgs!

Chelsea did three different Sleekgeek 8-Week Challenges since 2021 and this is the result! Today she tells us about her journey and learnings in this process.

2020 was a tough year for most!

Between lockdowns, divorce, financial pressures etc, I managed to get to my largest size of 114kg.

I entered 2021 as a 36-year-old unfit, unhealthy and unhappy single mum who just wanted to be better for my son and myself.

In January 2021 my friend Michelle convinced me to join the Sleekgeek Summer 8-Week Transformation Challenge starting in February.  I didn’t know what to expect but the prize money was looking awfully good! I got myself a Garmin Vivoactive 3, some CrossFit training shoes and a personal trainer (my friend’s hubby in their garage set up for CrossFit.

I joined the group Iron Maidens and was not too verbal to start, I was a bit shy (unlike me) and just wanted to stay in the background and see how others did. Photo’s done (look back at these in awe) and measurements submitted, I started the challenge. I tried to keep up with roadblocks and check in’s and stumbled at times but made sure that I was doing what I could! The team leaders and mates were incredible and cheered me on daily. 

At first, I went with a Keto diet and was also drinking Optifast (through a dietitian friend). But the shakes got a bit pricey and as far as the Keto went, I wanted to eat a more balanced diet, one I could maintain anytime and anywhere.

After the challenge I had lost a fair amount of weight, but it was the centimetres that I was so excited about and also just how I was feeling! 

I went on to complete 3 more challenges and even had to do weigh in’s on holiday in the UK!

After that last challenge, I ended up moving to the UK and have not been able to exercise or run due to work and being a single mum with no support. BUT it is not an excuse, and I will get back into it soon as we have moved out of London and into the countryside.

I have been able to maintain a good weight, I know what is good and healthy and best for me, I know what works and doesn’t work… I still don’t drink enough water (my hardest part of daily check-ins!)

These are a few of the things that helped me to reach my goals:

  1. A smartwatch… this was a game-changer! I needed to SEE my progress, and this helped with step counts, calorie counting and when training. It doesn’t need to be an expensive fancy one, but this was very beneficial!
  2. Good shoes for training, walking and running.
  3. I used Carb Manager App to track my calories etc. For ME this was beneficial as I needed to be strict and liked seeing my intake vs output (tracked on my watch). 
  4. A good Sleekgeek team with leaders who are “there for you” and are supportive.
  5. Drink lots of water, hahaha!
  6. Not being too hard on myself… this one I only really got in the 2nd/3rd challenge.

Since August 2020 I have lost a total of 40kg. I was at my fittest and slimmest in November 2022, but I will get back to that soon! I am so incredibly happy and am so much more confident than ever before. I even signed up for a modelling agency! 

Sleekgeek and the teams and leaders who became wonderful friends changed my life, and I am so happy that I joined that first challenge.

My main takeaway is… don’t be hard on yourself, do what you can with what you have and when you can. Be disciplined but don’t let it rob your happiness, otherwise, you’re defeating the purpose, WALK more (even just 2/3km), find a team that you click with and don’t be afraid to either be quiet until you feel comfortable or to be verbal, whatever works for you!

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