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Colourful Veg

Veggie power!

This nutrition habit is about finding ways to add more colourful vegetables into your meals.

🎯 Habit Instructions:

  • Easy Mode: Eat some colourful vegetables with at least 1 meal per day.
  • Hard Mode: Eat some colourful vegetables with every meal.

If you’re not sure how many vegetables to eat, “something is better than nothing” is always a great place to start. Beyond that, check out the Sleekgeek Portion Control Guide.

📢 More Information:

Vegetables are nutritional powerhouses. They’re the foundation of just about every healthy diet out there.

Most people are already sold on the benefits of eating vegetables, but we would like to put an emphasis on colourful vegetables.

Green veggies may get the most media attention, but red, yellow, purple, and even white/tan/brown vegetables are fantastic too. Each colour provides its own unique health benefits and the wider variety of colours you can get in your diet, the better.

Without adequate colourful vegetable intake, our bodies can’t function well and it makes fat loss, weight maintenance, and muscle gain efforts much more difficult.

Eating colourful vegetables regularly is a great habit to get into because:

  • Vegetables help you feel fuller and stay fuller for longer due to their high volume (from fiber and water content).
  • Vegetables make weight loss and weight maintenance easier by displacing higher-calorie foods and helping you consume less calories in general.
  • Vegetables improve your digestion and help you stay hydrated due to their high fiber and water content.
  • Vegetables help you to avoid nutrient deficiencies, reduce your risk of disease, boost your immune system, lower inflammation, improve recovery and performance, and generally raise your overall level of health due being rich in essential vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, and phytonutrients.

When you bulk up your meals with vegetables, you’ll feel fuller while eating fewer calories and, as a result, lose weight and maintain your healthy weight more easily.

🔁 Make It a Habit


  • Focus on colourful vegetables that you actually like and are willing to eat.
  • Stock up on colourful vegetables at the shops so that they’re always readily available to eat.
  • Focus on convenient and easy-to-prep colourful vegetables (buy them prep-prepped or pre-cooked if need be, or prep a whole bunch in bulk ahead of time).

Intermediates and Advanced:

  • Work on that consistency. It’s not a meal if it doesn’t have some colourful veg!
  • Focus on loading up on the veg to really bulk up your meals and make them the star of the meal.
  • Be adventurous with different types of colourful vegetables to see if you can expand your variety of choices.
  • Improve the quality of your colourful vegetables such as by buying organic or veggies that have been sourced locally.

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