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Eat Less With Dietary Displacement

You know how when you get into the bathtub the water level rises?

That’s displacement.

Your body takes up space in the bath so that there’s less space for water in it before the tub is full.

Archimedes, a famous Greek mathematician, discovered the principle of buoyancy – which is related to displacement – as a way to prove that the king’s crown was not pure gold. He also apparently ran through the streets naked shouting “Eureka!” as a result…

Most processed junk food doesn’t take up much space in our stomach.

It’s designed to be easily digested so that you just want more and more and more (great business model huh?).

When you eat lots of junk food that doesn’t properly fill you up, it generally leads to:

  • Rebound eating and lack of satiety.
  • Poor nutrient intake and low energy levels.
  • Loss of muscle mass and increased body fat.

If you want to read more about this, check out Here’s why you’re always hungry from Precision Nutrition.

Minimally processed foods, on the other hand, tend to take up a lot more space.

They are often full of water, fiber, protein, and all that good stuff which helps us feel much fuller and more satisfied when we eat it.

When you eat lots of filling, minimally processed foods, it generally leads to:

  • Consuming appropriate amounts of food.
  • Feeling full and satisfied after meals.
  • Healthy levels of nutrient intake.
  • Lean muscle and strength development.
  • Lower levels of body fat.
  • High and sustained energy levels.

So when we fill up on healthier foods that are better for us and our goals, there’s less room in the “tub” (stomach) for the unhealthy foods that are worse for us and our goals.

If you want ideas of which healthy foods to focus on, check out the Green Sleekgeek Food List.

You can see this in action in this article on 10 Ways to Eat Pizza Without “Falling Off the Wagon”.

TAKEAWAY: Eating more minimally processed foods is a great way to AUTOMATICALLY eat less junk food without going through to stress it deliberately trying to cut it out. Focus on getting enough healthy and filling foods in throughout the day and this journey will be a lot easier.

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Over R100,000 worth of prizes up for grabs

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