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Q & A : Bernadette Williams – 5th in Women’s Weight Loss

Please give us a short history of your journey to health and fitness before the challenge.

For many years I was on a rollercoaster ride when it came to health and fitness. I would start a diet and a few weeks into the programme I would lose interest and quit. This went on for years. December 2018 Dee Coetzee introduced me to the Sleekgeek group and in February 2019 I joined the Sleekgeek 8-Week Challenge. I lost 11kg in that 8 weeks. I learned the importance of accountability. I kept the weight off for a few months.

In 2020 lockdown happened, I lost focus and I allowed myself to become sloppy again with eating wrong and not exercising. Before I knew it I had gained all the weight that I had lost. I then always followed the posts on the Sleekgeek group and always told myself, “I could also have been that far in my health and fitness journey”.

What prompted you to join the Sleekgeek Transformation Challenge?

My daughter took a photo of me on my bed with my granddaughter and that picture was my wake-up call. I immediately decided to pull myself toward myself. I cannot carry on with this unhealthy lifestyle. I immediately signed up for the 8 Week Finish 2021 Strong Challenge and called Chantel and begged for a spot on her team. This time I attacked the challenge with a renewed mindset. I learnt the importance of being consistent when it came to eating and exercising. I don’t have to be perfect at it but consistency is key.

Give us a quick overview of the nutrition and eating plan that you followed during the challenge.

I follow a Banting eating plan. The Nutrition Guide in the Challenge Vault is also very helpful when it comes to portion size. I find it easy to prepare my meals for a few days ahead.

Give us a quick overview of the training and exercise plan that you followed during the challenge.

I incorporated different kinds of exercises depending on how my day went ( as I look after my 21-month-old granddaughter). I ran, walked or I followed YouTube strength training exercises. I would commit to doing some type of exercise every day. I kept moving as consistency is key.

If you could give 3 pieces of advice to future challengers, what would they be?

  1. You don’t have to be perfect or have it all together. The Sleekgeek support team and community are always willing to assist and ecourage you on your journey.
  2. If you need to start believing in yourself again, then Sleekgeek Community is the place to start.
  3. Join a team – its fun (very important) and you can be real with your teammates when you encounter any difficulties with your journey.

Why should people enter the challenge?

You will learn that losing weight can be fun and inspiring to those around you. Your self-confidence will be restored.

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