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💪 8-Week Body Transformation Challenge! 🥗

Today we chat to Qhawekazi Langa who placed 1st in the Women’s Weightloss Category of our Winter 2020 Sleekgeek 8-Week Transformation Challenge.

Give us a short history of your journey to health and fitness before the challenge.

I’ve always been overweight my whole life, I was always overeating and I hated exercise. Early January this year I decided to take charge of my life and join the gym. When lockdown happened I gained all the weight and more because I was eating a lot and unnecessarily. Two weeks before the challenge started I started changing my diet and I exercised so I can be ready for the challenge. I lost 6kgs before the beginning of the challenge and since then I never looked back.

What prompted you to join the Sleekgeek Transformation Challenge?

The nutrition plan, the support we get from the group, and my buddies. I also participated because I wanted to lose the lockdown load, be healthier, and have a stronger immune system to fight COVID-19 should I get it.

Give us a quick overview of the nutrition and eating plan that you followed during the challenge.

I mixed my Sleekgeek Asijiki eating plan along with the one we got from the Sleekgeek’s vault. In the morning on an empty stomach, I’d have warm water with unfiltered apple cider vinegar mixed with green tea and a slice of lemon then do my exercise. After exercising I’d have a protein with 2 veggies on the side, with one being a green veggie. After breakfast, I’d drink water that would amount to 3lt at the end of the day. For lunch I’d have tuna fish with cucumber or broccoli for supper I’d have a smoothie made with fat-free yogurt and 2 fruits or with Biogen protein shake and drink green tea with a slice of lemon before going to sleep.

Give us a quick overview of the training and exercise plan that you followed during the challenge.

For exercise, in the morning I’d skip rope and do core exercises. In the afternoon or evening if I decided to exercise twice I’d take a 3km walk and come back and do core exercises.

If you could give 3 pieces of advice to future challengers, what would they be?

1. Understand your body and eat to be satisfied not be full.

2. Take it one step at a time and tell your self you can do it.

3. Get yourself a buddy who’s on the same journey as you so you can get motivation and FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED.

Why should people enter the challenge?

  • There’s a huge support system.
  • You get meal plans and exercise plans.
  • Whenever you need clarity on something you can send the team an email and they respond.
  • And there a great prizes up for grabs.

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