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Sleekgeek July Virtual 5K Challenge WINNERS and RESULTS

For the month of July, 2020, we launched the Sleekgeek Virtual 5K Challenge.

This was in partnership with our friends at adidas who put up 3 x R5,000 adidas shopping experiences as prizes!

We’re truly delighted with the number of Sleekgeeks of ALL fitness levels who participated.

We had those who struggled to make 5km right up to those who’s total mileage was in the hundreds of km.

You’ll see some of the actual stats for the challenge a bit further down, but first…

The winners!

Congratulations to the following 3 lucky winners who were randomly drawn:

  • Tebogo Ntlapo (ran a total of 386km)
  • Marie Visser (ran a total of 232km)
  • Caitlin Procter (ran a total of 169km)

We’ll be in touch soon to organise your adidas shopping experiences!

The next challenge:

So what’s next?

Well, everyone seemed to love this challenge and have been begging us to do more like this. The good news is that our friends at adidas are keen too!

So the August 2020 challenge is to log at least 30km throughout the month.

If you complete that challenge, you’ll then stand a chance to win 1 of 4 adidas Primeblue UltraBOOST 20 shoes:

You can find out more and sign up for the August 2020 challenge here.


For those who like to put the “geek” in “Sleekgeek”, here are some stats from the July 2020 Challenge:

1) Number of Sleekgeeks who logged at least 5km to qualify for the challenge:

👉 776 Sleekgeeks

(Anyone who logged below 5km wasn’t counted as that was the minimum requirement for the challenge. We also had a couple of duplicate signups and test accounts that were removed.)

2) Total km logged:

👉 68,246km

(The real total number is actually more, but we rounded down to the nearest 5km as per the event rules. So, for example, if someone logged 20.6km, we only counted their 20km.)

3) Average km logged per person:

👉 87.9km

(68,246km / 776 people = 87.9km.)

4) Total # of entries:

👉 13,639.2 entries

(68,246km / 5km per entry = 13,639.2 entries.)

5) Average # of entries per person:

👉 17.6 entries

(13,639.2 entries / 776 people = 17.6 entries.)

6) Top 50 total km logged:

👉 16,005km

(This is the top 50 people with the more km logged.)

7) Top 50 average km logged per person:

👉 320.1km

(16,005km / 50 people = 320.1km.)

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