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Instant Results VS Instant Actions (1 min 14 sec read)

We almost all struggle with wanting “instant results”.

In our fast-paced modern world, we’re used to things happening quickly. On-demand entertainment, same-day deliveries, convenient and efficient services…

And so, it can be rather frustrating that things like weight loss, fitness, and health improvements can all take so much slower than we want them to.

Most people give up when they get frustrated with slow results…

I want to challenge you to refocus on “instant actions” instead.

Use your desire for instant results as a cue to look around for instant actions that you can take now, today, and tomorrow to move forward towards those results.

Actions ALWAYS come before results.

The more you can train yourself to focus on taking action, the better and more consistent your results will be.

These actions could be as big as doing a full workout or eating a healthy meal, or they might be a smaller part of the bigger picture, such as planning your meals ahead of time, laying out your workout clothes, getting some steps in, or setting a “go to bed” reminder alarm.

Break the results that you want down into actions and behaviours that you need to do frequently and repeatedly to achieve them.

Doing these kinds of actions, especially when you’re feeling frustrated and stuck, will help you feel more productive and reassured that you’re doing everything you can to be on the right track.

I use this in other areas of my life too.

For example, last year I was taking dancing classes and every time I was feeling frustrated that I wasn’t as good a dancer as I wanted to be yet, I’d get up and do 10-15 minutes of drills and footwork.

Or any time I’d feel my relationships weren’t where I wanted them to be, I’d look at what I can do right now to move forward. Could be something as simple as just sending a message or doing something thoughtful that would take me 30 seconds.

Actions lead to results over time.

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Over R100,000 worth of prizes up for grabs

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