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44 quick life lessons to inspire you

Each year around my birthday I publish a list of personal life lessons. This year I added 7 new points and edited the list for the 2020 edition.

At a time when the world is in upheaval it is becoming more clear to many of us what is truly important. That is what inspired my first statement for 2020.

  1. Cut through distraction and prioritise your energy to what really matters.
  2. Single-tasking beats multitasking for best performance.
  3. Human connection is essential to a beautiful life.
  4. Change will be harder but also easier than you think – and always worth it.
  5. Imperfect consistency beats perfect inconsistency.
  6. Being a good communicator is a superpower.
  7. Do more of what gives you energy.
  8. Life is best when you are healthy.
  9. You absolutely can change your identity. Who you are now is not who you have to be.
  10. People mirror you. You get what you project.
  11. Working on things that matter, matters most.
  12. Regular exercise will improve your life on many levels.
  13. It’s never too late to act on a dream.
  14. Everyone is struggling in some way. Be kind by default.
  15. Listen more than you speak.
  16. Do the things you say you will. Be your word. Integrity, honesty and reliability is in short supply.
  17. Every single situation in life is what you chose to make it.
  18. When we feel judged, we mostly are judging ourselves.
  19. You are who you surround yourself with.
  20. We exist to grow. When you are not growing you’re dying. Never stop learning and evolving.
  21. Wake up early to win the day (Don’t snooze). Tackle the hard things first.
  22. Be intentional and conscious in everything you do.
  23. Be your own hero.
  24. Lift others up, don’t put them down.
  25. Attack your fears with courage.
  26. Have tough conversations.
  27. Find a purpose bigger than you. Without a strong WHY or reason life is less brilliant.
  28. Never burn bridges. Always end on good terms.
  29. There is no perfect script for a successful life. Your life, your story!
  30. Environment design is as important as will power. Design your life for success.
  31. Be open to being wrong and treat all failures as lessons.
  32. If you are unhappy then you must do something to change your situation.
  33. Live in gratitude each day focussing on what you have over what you do not.
  34. Always strive to know that you gave your best.
  35. Never quit on your vision for your life.
  36. Always be proactive. Act on life before it decides your fate for you.
  37. It will cost you twice as much and twice as long as you estimated.
  38. Slow incremental small changes beats a ‘big bang’ approach.
  39. Find role models you aspire to – there is a world filled with endless mentors accessible to you online too.
  40. Who you are is far more important than how much you are worth.
  41. You always have a choice (even when it does not feel like it)
  42. Distinguish between facts (what actually happened) and the story or drama you create in your mind.
  43. Life is a trade off between what you want and what you prepared to sacrifice.
  44. Quality sleep is critical.

Bonus point: Calories do not count on your birthday.

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