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The power of one habit at a time (1min 40 sec read)

Any big change can be daunting. Worrying about tomorrow, next month, and next year is always too much to think about.

But doing one small nutrition habit today? You can always do that.

For example, focusing on eating mindfully can make us aware of how much we eat, when we eat, what we eat, where we eat, with whom we eat, and how much other people are eating.

All this with just one simple habit.

The one day, one habit at a time thing works.

What we end up doing each day has a lot to do with how we perceive the short term. If the short-term task is daunting, we usually don’t do it.

Think about big tasks like:

  • Cleaning the entire house
  • Doing all of last year’s taxes
  • Revamping your entire eating routine
  • Exercising each day for 90 minutes
  • Starting a major work/school project 
  • Never eating dessert again
  • Never drinking alcohol again

Those are really intimidating, because they’re all major changes.

Compare that to:

  • Cleaning one room in the house
  • Doing 1 page of the tax form
  • Eating 1 more vegetable serving today
  • Lifting weights for 20 minutes today
  • Doing a one-page outline of the work/school project
  • Not eating dessert tonight
  • Not drinking alcohol tonight

Not quite as bad.
We love the idea of big, sweeping solutions – the instant life makeover. But when has that ever really worked for you in the long term? 
What were you doing on January 20th after your ambitious resolutions? What about Feb 15th? Or March 14?
Think about what’s working right now. Do more of that. We don’t save for retirement with one major deposit – it’s built up over time with small steps.
Find simple manageable tasks that you can accomplish. Make sure that you do a little something every day.

The principle of making small incremental change, introducing simple habits and getting 1% better every day is that what we teach in our Sleekgeek Group Coaching Program

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