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Game-Changing Habits (43 sec read)

Something that I struggled with when I began my health and fitness journey back in 2010 was figuring out what to do.

Or more specifically, what NOT to do.

There are so many different diets, so many different exercises, so many different tips, tricks, and strategies…

It can be hard to keep your head down and stay focused on your “plan” without getting distracted or trying the “next best thing”.

The problem is you can only juggle so many balls before you start dropping them.

If you could only juggle 3-4 balls (habits) and that was enough to get you where you want to go, what would they be?

These are your game-changing habits.

The 3-4 behaviours that are so ON POINT with your goals that if you do them every day (or nearly every day), you’ll inevitably be successful.

They’re the hard-hitting, needle-moving, big-impact behaviours that get you 80% of the results for 20% of the effort.

They’re the things that you need to schedule, prioritise, and protect.

Everything else is maaaaaybe a bonus, but most likely a distraction.

Know what your game-changing habits are and be relentless about executing them frequently and consistently.

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