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Who do you have to become to achieve your goals?

Goals are less about WHAT you achieve and more about WHO you have to become in order to achieve them.

If you set a goal, you’ll likely need to change and improve in order to make it happen.

You’ll need to do things differently or better or more consistently than what you’re doing right now.

You’ll need new knowledge, new thoughts, new skills, new actions, new habits.

This is a good thing because it forces you to level up and actually become the kind of person who could achieve those goals.

Maybe you want to lose 10 kilograms or run 10 kilometres… You’ll need to figure out how to become the kind of person who can.

How do you become the kind of person who is active, fit, and healthy? How do you become the kind of person who makes better food choices and plans their meals ahead of time? How do you become the kind of person who gets enough sleep every night? How do you become the kind of person who exercises every Saturday morning rather than sleeps in after a late night on Friday?

How do you become the kind of person who CAN achieve your goals?

The Eric that I was 10 years ago could never ever look and feel and perform like how I do right now.

He just didn’t have the right stuff.

No matter how badly “Old Eric” wanted to be fit and lean and healthy, he never ever would be able to be that until he grew and developed himself.

“New Eric” who is 30 kilograms lighter and considerably more fit, muscular, and healthy has a new mindset, new knowledge, new priorities, new skills, new habits, new hobbies, new friends, new idols and role models… and, of course, new goals.

Who do you have to stop being in order to achieve your goals?

Who do you have to become?

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