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Welcome to Seltzer Essence Sparkling Water!

At Sleekgeek HQ we are delighted to partner with our new friends Seltzer Essence Sparkling Water. 

Despite getting pitched to by countless brands and products every single year, we’re super selective of who we work with.

We only work with brands that we personally love, think are good for our community, and have honest intentions behind their mission.

adidas has been a long-time perfect fit for what we both do, and I think you’ll find Seltzer Essence to be the same too ✅

Why do we love Seltzer Essence? 

No sugar, no sweeteners, no preservatives, and only 4 calories per 500ml with an incredible taste.

In our coaching program we teach clients to limit their calories from beverages as much as possible. We’ve found that drinking too many calories is an easy way to make weight loss and healthy weight maintenance so much harder than it needs to be. Finding easy ways to reduce your calorie intake while still enjoying what you drink is a fantastically sustainable strategy.

Seltzer Essence is practically calorie free and a delicious tasty treat at the same time. At HQ we love it and are excited to incorporate it more in our daily routine!

Seltzer Essence – surprisingly HONEST real sparkling water – available in three enticing natural flavours: Pink Grapefruit & Strawberry, Green Apple & Mint, and Watermelon & Mixed Berry.

  1. Watermelon & Mixed Berry says no to sugar and preservatives, but a fresh and delicious yes to the refreshingly delicate sparklingly taste of watermelon and mixed berry.

  2. Pink Grapefruit & Strawberry is guaranteed to tickle taste buds pink with the sparkling combination of pink grapefruit and strawberry. – this one is certainly berry nice and refreshingly fruity!

  3. Green Apple & Mint is wickedly refreshing, sparkling with freshness and just enough fruity taste to delight. A bottle a day is sure to keep unhappy away!

This is perfect for someone who needs more than boring water without the chemicals found in most sugar free soft drinks. 

Families can confidently enjoy the range’s goodness.

Sleekgeeks, who care about their health, can add Seltzer Essence to their daily routine with no fears of it disrupting a carefully planned and controlled diet or training regime. And, for those who are consciously cutting down on sugar, but dreading a life of blandness, the water promises all of the taste and none of the sugar.

Clearly, its honest water, that’s completely transparent!

Connect with Seltzer Essence:

For more information visit their website here

How to get it? 

Seltzer Essence is now on shelves  – but, clearly, won’t stay there for long.

It retails at most Spars, Pick n Pays and petrol station shops around the country.

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