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“Respect, Uplift, Inspire” (2min read)

“Respect, Uplift, Inspire”  – That is the Sleekgeek Code. 

It is something I am deeply passionate and proud of as the founder of this amazing community

I feel so strongly about our code and culture that when it comes to Sleekgeek that I care more about how you conduct yourself towards other members than what you eat, how you train or how much weight you lose etc. 

The internet can be a horrible place. Fitness communities can be elitist and unwelcoming. Nutrition has become political and polarised like religion. People can be assholes. 

My dream, when I created Sleekgeek, was that people who want to get healthy and live a better life never have to do that alone. 

Sleekgeek strives to be a safe place free of judgement and driven by mutual respect. It is each of our duties to hold that space for others so they may grow on their journeys. 

We lift people up instead of putting them down. There is enough criticism and negativity in the world already. 

That is why in our Facebook Group we have a volunteer team of Moderators – the “Modsquad” – and the “BoomSquad” to make sure that the code is upheld and that people – at all levels –  are encouraged and cheered on. 

We strongly support debate and difference of opinion – BUT we do not entertain trolls or people who cannot make a point in a respectful or adult manner. 

We are human. We all make mistakes. But at all times Sleekgeeks are driven by helping others as much as themselves. That is the core of our DNA. 

We believe that life is better when you are healthy. The Sleekgeek Revolution Mission is to help 1 Million people to live a better quality by building healthy habits. 

We are currently 200 members short of reaching the 90,000 milestone in our Sleekgeek Facebook Group. 

If you love what Sleekgeek stands for and know anyone who you think might need Sleekgeek too PLEASE invite them to join the community! 

They can join at https://www.facebook.com/groups/sleekgeek/ or just search “Sleekgeek Health Revolution” on Facebook. 

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
– Helen Keller

Thank you for being a part of the Sleekgeek Health Revolution. We can fight for a better life for ourselves, families and friends if we support one another. 

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