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You vs You (1min 7 secs read)

I don’t mind coming last. I often do.

There is always someone fitter, faster, bigger, richer, more attractive, smarter and funnier than you.

Comparison is the thief of joy.

People in the Sleekgeek community look to me as a leader and more advanced.


  • I still used to mostly come last in Crossfit classes for all the years I did it – no matter how many times I went.
  • I still finish at the very back in the slow group each week when I go to my adidas runners group.
  • I still lift lighter weights than many guys in the gym.
  • I still struggle to keep up when I hike up the mountain with some of my fitter friends.
  • I still look comedic at Yoga and struggle with the easiest movements.

That’s never made me feel like a failure. That’s never stopped me showing up with a smile.

I’m happy as long as I’m making progress. All I want to know is I’m moving forward.

Am I better than yesterday?

So yes – Use benchmarks to see where you rank. It’s fun and we all love competition.

But never lose sight that it’s “you vs you”.

This is your journey. There will always be someone faster and slower than you. Put your ego and pride aside.

I read somewhere that the person who will win Olympic gold in freestyle at the next Olympics once could not swim.

Less wishing, more action.

Time to get involved.

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