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You have to make a choice every day

It’s true that some people ENJOY being more active than others…

But it’s also true that:

  • The more you CHOOSE to be active, the more active you ARE.
  • The more active you ARE, the fitter you BECOME.
  • The fitter you BECOME, the EASIER it is to be active.
  • The EASIER it is to be active, the more you ENJOY being active.
  • The more you ENJOY being active, the more you’ll CHOOSE to be active.

And so it repeats (for better or – since the opposite is also true – for worse).

“Current Eric” is much more active than “Old Eric”.

I’m also fitter now, I find being active much easier, and it’s also far more enjoyable.

This didn’t happen by accident. I had to make that choice back in 2010 to start. At first, the choice was hard and deliberate, now it’s easy and happens almost without even thinking.

This is the power of habit.

When something is a habit, not only does it become more automatic and easier to do, you ALSO get better and more skilled at doing it.

So even if you don’t enjoy being active right now, by CHOOSING to take consistent daily action, you can become the kind of person who does enjoy being active over time.

It all starts with making the choice in the first place.

What else might this apply to in your life? Finances? Relationships? Productivity? Fun? Confidence?

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