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💪 8-Week Body Transformation Challenge! 🥗

You get what you focus on (2min read).

When I was recovering from my shoulder operation last year I was limited to training my legs mostly. No surprise that my legs became impressively strong.

The last few months I wanted to regain my upper body physique because I had lost much of my shape and muscle. When given the go-ahead from my physiotherapist I started to favour it in my training schedule. I pushed even harder in those areas. What do you know? My chest, back and arms are looking strong again.


Want more sales? Make more calls and proposals. Want to find a partner? Go on more dates. Want to run a marathon? Run more.

Want more health in 2020? We have a solution to give you a powerful start.

When Eric and I discuss the benefits of our Sleekgeek 8-Week Challenge I always argue it is not the incredible prizes, expert plans or the powerful support and community camaraderie but rather the TOTAL SYSTEM which helps you to FOCUS on achieving your 8-Week objectives.

8 Weeks is just long enough to push hard and knuckle down with laser focus.

The 8-Week system is the glue and the magic thread to keep you focussed and on track.

That is why after running 25 challenges over the last 11 years we keep producing consistent results for our people. Time after time.

In the 8 Weeks you will:
1. Set goals, behaviours and habits.
2. Submit START photos and measurements
3. Create your strategy/plan
4. Check-in online every 2 weeks
5. Submit FINAL photos and measurements
6. Review your results against your objectives

You may be thinking to yourself that I keep saying that people must drop their “ALL or NOTHING” mindset and abandon perfectionism – and is an 8-Week Challenge not an all or nothing approach?


8-Weeks is longer than it sounds. There is plenty of space for imperfection. BUT our system will help you achieve 80-90% consistency whereas without it you may have hit 60-75% if you are lucky.

You will need to hit 80% plus at least consistently to really move the needle on your results.

The challenge is an opportunity to hone your healthy habits more aggressively. A chance to not give in at every opportunity. The invisible force that will stop you from blowing out every weekend.

So what do you want over the 8 weeks of Feb – April 2020?

  • To look and feel leaner, fitter, and healthier?
  • To be more confident?
  • To trust yourself and your ability to stick to your commitments?
  • To be able to play pain-free and more energetically with your kids?
  • To feel happier and more successful and loved?
  • To be able to be a better leader and role model.

Remember…. You get what you focus on.

Let us help to FOCUS you and your intentions.

Sign up for the Challenge VIP list today and you will save R200 on your entry.

Entries open February 4, 2020 and I encourage you to be there.

I am going to personally use this challenge to set new goals and chase them with some increased intensity!

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