Entries are OPEN for Sleekgeek's 38th

💪 8-Week Body Transformation Challenge! 🥗

Our 8-Week Challenge team leaders need you!

Entries open in just a few days for our 8-Week Challenge and our team leaders need you! We are recruiting! There are new teams forming all the time but below are 6 that you can chose from. We are giving them each a shot to tell you a little about their teams.

Teams are made up for 10-20 members and are an excellent way to get maximum support during the challenge and to make new friends who are on the same journey as you. – NO need to do this alone!

Over and above the R100,000 worth of incredible prizes that we had available for the Challenge we have an additional R20,000 worth of adidas vouchers up for grabs for the winning team.

House of Venus

Team #HouseofVenus is Recruiting for the New Year’s 8 Week Challenge.

Join this team of remarkable women  –  we are dedicated, competitive, work hard as a team, motivating, build each other up, we are there for each other and help one another through the challenge, and most of all – we have FUN!

By joining our team you are committing to:

1) Take part in the Sleekgeek Real Fit Games.
2) Submitting ALL your results with each check-in from the first to final check-in.
3) Completing the 8-Week Challenge.
4) Have to be starting Heat 1 (10th Feb).

We will be bringing the heat again this challenge!

Debbie! (Whatsapp me if you want to join my team: 082 466 7960)

House of Athena

House of Athena is looking for a few new recruits to join our winning team for the next Sleekgeek 8-Week Challenge.

Join us if you are willing to give it your all for the full 8 weeks, if you are a team player and will be able to start in Heat 1 (10 Feb).

Our team ranges in ages, sizes and fitness levels but we show up every day in full armour and give it our all. This is a ladies only group.

Lauren (Whatsapp me “Challenge Accepted” if you want to join us! – 064 871 7643)

Team Iron Maidens

** Team Iron Maidens is recruiting ***

Join me – a full time working mom of 2 young daughters who is determined to improve my health by getting more active in 2020. My motto is “slow and steady wins the race” as I believe in consistency over fad diets. I don’t just talk the talk… but I walk the walk as well, as I joined SG in 2018, spent the year losing 10kg, falling pregnant in 2019 and maintaining my weight-loss until now… when I am ready to bring the heat in 2020 and lose the final 10kg.

If you are in a similar position and want a tribe that will provide you with daily motivation, consistency and accountability as we tackle this 8-week journey together – then #TeamIronMaidens is for you! Our tribe lost 65kg and 359cm in the last challenge and had 2 members on the top 50 board.

Team Requirements:

  • Take part in Heat 1 (starting date 10th Feb 2020)
  • Complete all submissions and Check-in’s
  • Provide support to your fellow tribe members
  • Don’t give up

Many thanks

Maxine (Email me via Maxine.Chowles@sappi.com)

Shape Shifters

The Shape Shifters team has a couple of spots open!  We’re a team that understands the struggles. It’s not just about the befores and the afters – we are here NOW… learning, struggling, stumbling, and also loving ourselves. 

We are self-love soldiers, or at least we’re trying our best to be.  We believe that NOW is our time – what we do now is what matters.  We grow, we learn, we get healthy together.  We support and celebrate each other when it matters most. We’ll be rocking the Sleekgeek Real Fit Games and Sleekgeek New Years Challenge! Join us to have an amazing team experience 

Kind regards 

Debra (Whatsapp me on 072 300 0409)

Dream Team

Introducing The Dream Team!!

We are fresh, funky and fun.  Our objectives are
*  get you to the finish line
*  help you make healthy nutritional choices
*  make u realise that food is not the enemy
*  introduce some fun activities along the way
*  take you to a better, fitter, faster YOU
What we expect from you
*  be a team player
*  contribute positively to the team
*  do your check ins and submissions ON TIME
*  FUN FUN and more FUN
*  Don’t quit!!

Think you are up to this?? 

Dee and Kat!

Want in? Whatsapp Dee Coetzee (072 955 5222) or Kat Darvall (083 776 3235) and we will hook you up!! Dream it…… Believe it….. Achieve it!!!

Team Barbell Babes

It’s that time again peeps!

1st 8-Week Challenge of 2020 is upon us. #TeamBarbellBabes are super excited to start recruiting team members. All members who join us will take part in The Real Fit Games as a team.


Let’s walk away Real Fit Games Champions and with the R20,000.00 adidas vouchers baby.

Shana (Whatsapp me on 076 376 3986)

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Over R100,000 worth of prizes up for grabs

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