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Are you a “high agency” person? (2 min 41sec read)

When most people are faced with a problem or challenge, they shut down.

  • “I can’t stop overeating on the weekends.”
  • “I never get into bed early enough to get 8 hours of sleep at night.”
  • “I can’t find the motivation to exercise regularly.”
  • “I stuff my face with junk food every time I get stressed or emotional.”

These can indeed be challenging problems to solve… But the hardest thing for most people is that they don’t even truly try. When a problem appears, their thought process turns to frustration and self-pity.

For a high agency person, on the other hand, it’s the beginning of a whole new problem-solving thought process.

A high agency person believes that they are in control of their lives and have power over their actions. They have a very strong belief that the problem can be solved or the answer can be found. Even when it seems impossible, they know that with enough time or enough help, they will breakthrough.

I’m going to let you in on one ridiculously simple but highly effective method to help you become more of a high agency person.

We use it all the time with great success in the Sleekgeek Coaching Program to help clients solve problems and build healthy habits.


The secret to problem-solving is to continue the conversation rather than letting it stop you dead in your tracks.

Whatever problem you’re facing, try adding “…but that’s OK because…” and then filling in the blank.

Here are some examples:

“The weekend is coming up and I always overeat, undoing all of my progress during the week… BUT that’s OK because…

  • …I can plan and prep some of my meals ahead of time.
  • …I can hang out with some healthy friends for accountability.
  • …I can reward myself with a non-food reward if I make it through the weekend on track.”

“I’m very sedentary throughout the day and that’s making it hard for me to burn enough calories to lose weight… BUT that’s OK because…

  • …I can set a reminder on my phone to get up and walk around every 1-2 hours.
  • …I can challenge my friend to a daily step count battle.
  • …I can join the Sleekgeek Move More Challenge.
  • …I can make a deal with myself that I can only watch TV tonight if I get 10,000 steps today.”

“When faced with a stressful or emotional situation I usually resort to unhealthy food… BUT that’s OK because…

  • …I can consciously choose to do other de-stressing activities before I resort to food.
  • …I can keep less unhealthy food in my house or within easy reach.
  • …I can keep more healthy food that I actually like to eat conveniently nearby.
  • …I can reach out to my accountability partner every time I’m feeling stressed for some encouragement.
  • …I can review my goals and reinforce my commitment every time I feel myself wanting to give in.”

It’s essentially just brainstorming.

You know, the thing that you hated to do at school and hate even more now as an adult.

I want you to know that you’re smarter than you give yourself credit for. Try continuing the conversation in your head and open your mind up to the possibility that you can actually solve most of your problems.

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