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🏃‍♀️ Learn to run your first 5km - more info.

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What if there was no “wagon” to fall off?

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Most people have an “all or nothing” approach to life. 

They typically want to play all out or not at all. Sound like you? 

I always hear people saying they have fallen off the proverbial “wagon”. 

Here is a new thought instead. 

You can ONLY fall off it if you are on it to start. 

The problem with diets, meal plans, rigid changes etc is that you are either ON them or OFF them. 100% or 0%. You are winning or losing. Black or white.

Most times it’s not sustainable, practical or reasonable. People set themselves up for failure and disappointment. 

What if you rather had an “always something” mindset? What if you constantly took a “something is better than nothing” approach? 

Could your life be different?

Rather than looking for perfection constantly ask yourself “how can I make this slightly better?”

Now that’s progress.

See. There is no “wagon”. 

Elan (get to know me better over here)

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