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Sleep Deprived = Health Deprived

If you want to build a foundation of good health, you need to get enough good quality sleep.

While many people may go around wearing their sleep deprivation like a badge of honour to prove how hard they work or how much fun they have… The truth is that it’s terrible for us.

In a world where sick, tired, and unhealthy is quickly becoming the norm, we’re fighting for a better future here at Sleekgeek. Our health revolution is all about aiming to transform the lives of 1 million people by helping them to build healthy habits so that they can live a better life.

Sleep is one of those healthy habits.

In fact, sleep is a “keystone habit” that leads to a cascade of other healthy habits.

What if you DIDN’T need to overhaul your entire diet and jump to the next hopefully better workout plan that you find in order to get results?

What if just getting an additional hour of quality sleep each night was enough to make a difference?

We’ve found that after working with hundreds of clients in the Sleekgeek Coaching Program, sleep is often what is holding them back.

Clients who DON’T get enough sleep:

  1. Crave more junk food and high-sugar foods.
  2. Eat much more or more often than they need to.
  3. Are less energetic and less inclined to exercise.
  4. Feel less motivated, less optimistic, and less ready to take on new challenges.

In short, clients who are sleep deprived have a much harder time achieving their health and fitness goals.

On the other hand, clients who DO get enough sleep:

  1. Crave less junk food and high-sugar foods.
  2. Don’t need to constantly eat in order to keep their energy levels up.
  3. Have more energy to workout and choose more active ways to have fun.
  4. Feel more motivated, more optimistic, and that taking on new challenges is much more do-able.

This is just the tip of the iceberg too.

Feeling well-rested can improve how you show up in your relationships, how you manage your finances, your ability to be productive and high-performing at work, and your overall ability to enjoy life more.

That’s the kind of badge of honour society should be aspiring towards. Being kickass human beings!

The bottom line is that getting enough quality sleep can lead to a cascade of other healthy habits.

So before you try and fight an uphill battle of overcoming things like junk food addiction, emotional eating, constant snacking, feeling too lazy to go to the gym, feeling angry all the time, being unproductive at work, and so on… Maybe it’s worth seeing if you can make a few small tweaks to improve your sleep?

It just might be a game-changer that helps you transform every other area of your life more easily…

If you’re looking for some help, we have an infographic that outlines 5 signs that your current sleep habits aren’t working for you and 17 do-able tips to help you improve your sleep: The Power of Sleep, Why It’s So Important, And How To Get More Of It.

P.S. Even if you believe that you can’t possibly find any more time in the day to get MORE sleep, you can always get BETTER QUALITY sleep. #SomethingIsBetterThanNothing

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