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Motivation is an asshole.

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Nobody feels motivated to exercise at 5am.

Comrades marathon legend Bruce Fordyce made a non-negotiable deal with himself. 

  1. He would put his running shoes on and get out the front door first thing. 
  2. If he felt like going back to bed after the first lamp post he gave himself permission to.

Do you think he ever went back to bed?

Motivation is an asshole. It comes and goes. It’s a fleeting emotion. 

How crazy is it that we rely on such a fickle thing to inspire us to take action? 

It is kind of like if you only did your job when you felt motivated. How long do you think you would remain employed?

So why apply this exact method it to your health? Especially when it is your real wealth?

When people say “I have no motivation” that is ok because it is not the critical ingredient that is required. It is not a valid excuse either. 

You either do the things you need to do to reach your goals in life – or not. It’s not the fault of “motivation”.

It’s time to talk less of motivation and more of COMMITMENT.

That means you simply DO the things you say you will do. You schedule them in your diary and you commit. Rain or shine.

  • You say you will eat healthy today. Do it!
  • You say you will go to the gym. Do it!

A commitment is a promise or an agreement with yourself. It is your word.

There is no negotiation here.

When you have a meeting at work with your boss, staff or clients you attend. You don’t arrive only if you feel like it. You don’t cancel at the last minute because you not in the mood. It’s a commitment you made and no motivation is required.

But you go. Why? Probably because you fear the consequences of not going. 

START to fear the consequences of not having your health.  

Stop looking to the sky hoping for motivation to take action in your life. Motivation is cool – and it has its place – but don’t use it as the scapegoat to shirk doing what needs to be done.

Let’s COMMIT. 

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