You cannot pour from an empty cup


How can you care for others if you cannot even care for yourself? How can you do good if you don’t even feel good? I can’t love you if I cannot love myself.

Robin S. Sharma

Are you showing up with your absolute best self for the people who need you?

We are so busy giving to others that we neglect ourselves. Mothers especially put themselves last at everyone’s expense.

Do your loved ones need you:

A. Exhausted, unhealthy, stressed with a broken spirit?
B. Vital, full of energy, positive and empowered?

I tell the people I care about that I NEED that hour at the gym otherwise I’m not going to be the same person.

Ironically being selfish maybe the best way to be selfless.

What do you need right now?

Invest in your self-care, personal growth and development to become the strongest version of yourself.

You cannot pour from an empty cup. 

Your kids, partners, bosses and friends will thank you for it.

Elan (get to know me better over here)