Neither success nor failure is permanent.


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Recently a Facebook Memory popped up with a post from 10 years ago in 2009 saying that I was “proudly on day #12 of quitting smoking”. 

Knowing what happened next reminded me of the idea that neither success nor failure is permanent. 

We have all seen people lose a fortune of weight only to gain it back again with interest. Sometimes they may even lose it once more (temporarily or forever)! Same goes for people making and losing money. Many of the most successful people I follow on social media have had massive debilitating failures or setbacks in their careers. 

My 2009 attempt referenced in this memory failed after about 2 months when I shockingly learned my girlfriend cheated on me. My first reaction and stress response was to drive to the petrol station and buy a pack of cancer sticks. I lit up and that bought me another 2 years of smoking at least a pack a day…

That is a great example where I should have let health be my anchor –  but in those days I did not know any better. I just poured more petrol on the fire. I was an Olympic level chain-smoker easily smoking a box and a half a day. 

Thankfully, I quit smoking for good (I believe forever) over 7.5 years ago in Jan 2012 when I had just created Sleekgeek.

Quitting smoking was the hardest thing I’ve done in my life (other than burying my parents). It was my greatest triumph and the best thing I ever did for myself. 

I honestly believe I will never smoke again but the reality is that I could choose right this second to go back to light up. It is in my hands. 

There’s a quote “Success is never owned. It’s rented. And the rent is due every day.”

We need to work at success every damn day! 

With this mentality:

  1. You should never become complacent when you succeed. Fight to protect it. 
  2. When you fail, keep trying with the belief that success is ultimately possible. Fight for your success. 

Applied to your health journey, fat comes and goes. Muscle comes and goes. Fitness comes and goes. 

You chose the outcome with your consistent repeated actions. 

  • Eat the right portions consistently and stay in shape. 
  • Train weights regularly enough and retain muscle. 
  • Run often enough and maintain endurance.

Don’t and you will regress. 

Whether success or failure is permanent is entirely up to you.

Elan (get to know me better over here)

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