Be more than mediocre

Be more than mediocre

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I’ve got a quick message for you (2 min read time) to explain why being part of the Sleekgeek family will potentially elevate your life to another level. 

I recently read this powerful idea from one of my favourite authors, James Clear: 

If you want to be in the top 1% of a particular domain, then you can’t take your cues from and follow the social norms of 99% of people.”

It got me thinking about why being part of a community like Sleekgeek is so important. 

I believe that in most areas of life what society deems as normal is in fact mediocrity. This is my observation and not a judgement. 

Look around and you will see that it has become “normal” in today’s world for people to: 

  • Live in excess with food and drink. 
  • Waste time on things that do not matter. (like social media ironically) 
  • Binge watch series rather than reading and learning. 
  • Sleep little 
  • Lack integrity and old school values.  
  • Be inactive. 
  • Do the bare minimum. 

What examples can you think of? 

Normal is subjective as Eric pointed out in this post.  

“For some people, it’s completely normal to stay out late, drink copious amounts of alcohol, and smoke a pack a day… It isn’t normal or desirable for ME… You get to choose what your normal is.” 

Being ‘average’ is settling for a half life when we have the potential to be exceptional!

If you crave a more powerful life you have to set a “new normal” for yourself. 

It is a strange irony that people who want to live a healthy life, make positive food choices and exercise regularly are labeled as “freaks” and sometimes even ridiculed. 

Sadly taking steps to live your best life has become labeled as an alternative lifestyle for a minority group. 

To create a BIG life for yourself you need to ignore the opinions of those who want to keep you small. You must join forces with others on who will lift you up. 

Be vigilant and intentional, DO NOT let the 99% drag you down to their standard. 

Surround yourself with awesome and refuse to accept ‘normal’.

That is what we are trying to create in the Sleekgeek community –  A place of positivity and growth where people are surrounded by others who want MORE for them and their families. 

If you have not yet joined our Facebook Group do so! 

See you there, 


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