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6 power tips from our winning couple!

At Sleekgeek we believe that health is a team effort and a family affair. Our Health Revolution’s objective is to make homes, schools and workplaces healthier places to be.

That is why we introduced the Couples Challenge as in a new feature into our 8-Week Challenge a few years ago when we realised that it is really tough for people if their partners are not pulling in the same direction as them. To encourage more teamwork on the home front we sweetened the deal by giving couples R400 off on our full price entry as well as some amazing bonus prizes to motivate them. 

I read a recent study that says “considerable evidence suggests that how much your companion eats will also play an important role in how much you eat.” 

? Meet Nadine Vorster and Marco Vorster who won our recent Winter Couples Challenge for achieving the highest combined ranking by coming 1st in Women’s % Weight Loss and 4th in Men’s % Weight Loss respectively. It motivated them! 

We asked our winning couples what their top 6 tips for couples are and this is what they said. 

Nadine and Marco’s 6 power tips for couples.:

  1. Communicate your struggles. If your partner thinks everything is fine and dandy they don’t know how to support you.
  2. Be honest about your progress. If your partner doesn’t know you are cheating every day when you are at work they can’t hold you accountable.
  3. Be kind when ‘reprimanding’ bad behaviour. You need to encourage good behaviour and habits, not break down your partner’s will because they ate a bar of chocolate or didn’t drink the required water.
  4. Plan your eating plan together. It needs to exclude foods you BOTH don’t like and include foods you both DO like.
  5. Plan physical activities that you can do together. Making turns on the treadmill is boring. Going for a walk with 4 energetic dogs is a challenge, is fun and is a way better workout.
  6. Praise, praise, praise on ANY progress. Keeping your partner motivated is in both of your best interest because they will feel super confident and in turn motivate you when you are having a bad day.

Nadine Vorster and Marco Vorster won a R10,000 adidas shopping voucher to share!

For our Summer Couples Challenge we are taking things to the next level and the winning couple will now walk away with R10,000 worth of adidas vouchers, PLUS a Smeg Kettle and Philips Airfryer! YOH!

Very importantly, even though you enter as a couple both partners are still legible for ALL Individual Prizes.

A couple who trains together wins together!

Will you be our next success story?

There are still a few weeks left to sign up for the 8-Week Summer Challenge. Heat 1 kicks off Monday and we advise that you start as soon as possible. 

Individuals can sign up here. – Individuals can still save R100 and pay R599 instead of R699 before this coming Tuesday at midnight 

Couples can sign up here.  – Couples save R400 off full price as long as sales are open.

Are you ready to bring your A-GAME? 

I am bringing it! 


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