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QA: Leon embraces a life of fitness and gets lean.


Name: Leon Matthee
Age: 36
Location: The Reeds, Centurion

What do you do?
I am a Forensic Investigator – Medical Aid Fraud and Abuse.

What else do you do? [Hobbies, non-work stuff, etc]
I am an old soul and enjoy walking through pawn shops and looking at old stuff. I also enjoy listening to music particularly those from the eighties and if it is available on vinyl, that is a bonus.


How long have you been a member of Sleekgeek?
I joined in December 2016

How did you find Sleekgeek?
I found Sleekgeek when browsing through the internet looking for plans to get into better shape.

What is your favourite part of the Sleekgeek Community?
The fact that no one is allowed to judge and everyone have a common goal of getting healthy.


Describe the “old you” before you made your transformation. How did you get there and what were you like?
The old me enjoyed everything that was unhealthy and in bulk. I did not exercise as I said to myself that I had no time and that healthy living are expensive. 

What ignited your initial motivation to change?
I developed kidney stones and some other health issues that were related to poor lifestyle and bad habits.

What are some of the things that the new you does differently now?
I am embracing life and trying out new things as I realized that health and even life can be taken away from you in a blink of an eye. I am choosing physical activity in every spare moment that I have in my day.  

What are some of the things that the new you still struggles with?
Diet will always be my biggest struggle. I do not like bland food and fall for my sweet tooth regularly.

If you could give yourself 1 piece of advice to help with that struggle, what would it be?
Small changes win big battles.

Did you plateau, get stuck, or get disillusioned, or even slide backwards a bit on your journey?
I started off with a bang and got great results with a product which I will rather not name within the community. I still did not reach my goal and soon went back to my old ways, just a little bit more controlled this time.

Towards the end of 2017, I took up running and enjoyed it a lot and got great results, but fell back again after the novelty wore off. It is important to note that with every attempt I did learn and I still managed not to fall off the wagon completely.

It was only in October 2018 that I decided that I will invest in myself, which things fell into place. I hired an online coach who absolutely just does not take no for an answer. During this process I truly got to know myself and which efforts will be sustainable and which not. I developed a love for the gym and physical activity and do not ever want to be without it.  

What is better since you got healthy? 
My overall health and vitality! My self-esteem.


What’s your favourite form of exercise? [Running, yoga, weightlifting, etc]
HIIT Cardio and Strength Training

How long have you been training and how did you get started?
About 9 months.

What does your typical workout look like?
Cardio 30 minutes at 80% of max heart rate for my age. Weights or other strength training for 30 minutes.

Favorite exercise? [Distance / pose / movement / etc]
Push Ups

Least favorite exercise? [Distance / pose / movement / etc]
Mountain Climbers

How does exercise make you feel? 
It makes me feel alive and that I can achieve anything that I want

Do you prefer to train alone or with others? Why?
I prefer to do small classes where you can leverage of the energy of the group.

Most embarrassing training moment?
Any moment where I need to move my arms and legs simultaneously. I just do not have that coordination.

Top 3 things you must have at the gym or in your gym bag?
My watch, phone and sweat towel.

Your next training goal?
To get my abs out and bigger arms and chest!

Top 5 songs on your training playlist?

  • Tennis tune – The Flooze en Dirk vd Westhuizen
  • Stoom – Dirk vd Westhuizen
  • Daai Ding – Ivan Roux
  • River deep, mountain high – Monique and Tarryn Lamb
  • St Elmo’s fire – Brendan Peyper

How has exercise/training/Sport Changed your life? [Made it better, etc – please be specific]
Exercise and training play a vital role in managing my stress levels at work. And of course, it has made me proud of my body and the transformation I have undergone thus far.


What’s your favourite meal?
Steak and Chips.

OK, now what’s your favourite healthy meal?
Chicken, Basmati Rice with Roasted Veggies.

Favourite protein?

Favourite fat?
Almond nuts

Favourite carbohydrate?

What’s your nutrition philosophy/approach? [If you have one]
I believe in eating a healthy meal with representation from all the macronutrient groups. I am not a big fan of all the specific philosophies even though I do believe that they will work.

How many meals a day do you eat?
I eat 3 bigger meals, 2 snacks in between and a casein protein shake before bedtime.

Do you have a cheat meal / treat strategy?
One cheat meal per week, and clean eating the rest of the day.


Most memorable personal best achievement to date. Something you maybe never imagined you could do?
My most memorable personal best achievement to date would be to run a half marathon. I was never the sporty type and this came as a total surprise to myself and anyone who knows me. In terms of life in general, it would be when I obtained my Master’s degree in Pharmaceutics. That was also a tough one.

Favorite quote?
“Ek leef en sal lewe, my doodkry is min” (It is just one of those things that can’t be translated).

Favourite book? 
The Shack – William P. Young

What inspires and motivates you?
Results are the one thing that inspires and motivates me.

For what are you most grateful? 
A healthy body and mind that can do what I need it to do to achieve my goals. This along with support from the SG community as well as every single person that helped shape my thinking around health.

What do you want to say to other community members who might be nervous or hesitant to make a start?
Be open-minded and participate in the community. Post your activities and photos, regardless of how trivial you might think they are. The response that you will receive will push you to do a bit more. Before you know it, you will be very active within the community and the results will follow.

What are your top 5 tips for anyone starting on a healthy journey?

  • Invest in yourself
  • Make time
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people
  • Make small changes at first, but challenge yourself constantly
  • Have fun

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