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Just like us here at Sleekgeek, adidas Runners aim to empower their community members to be the best they can be! 

Would you like to be a part of a community of runners to help you on your journey?

A community that will get and keep you motivated to put on your shoes and head out when it gets a bit colder? A group of like-minded people that will hold you accountable? A tribe that supports your goals? But best of all a community to have fun on the road with!

It is a 100% FREE service.

BONUS! Attend 5 official runs and get your own adidas Runner t-shirt free!

Well that’s why we are so excited to tell you about adidas runners!

You will gain FREE access to a number of different events hosted in your city. These are all professionally organised by adidas and occur weekly.

No more indecision about where, how far or whether or not to go on a run… It’s all in your pocket, on the adidas Runners app. (Formerly called Runtastic)

And they cater to ALL pace groups!

How to join adidas Runners

  1. Download and sign up to the adidas-Runtastic app. (Search for adidas Runners in your app store)
  2. Select “Profile”
  3. Select “Groups and Communities”
  4. Select “Discover adidas Runners”
  5. Choose your preferred location.
  6. Select join
  7. Once you have joined view Events in your region and join those appropriate to you.


There are dedicated adidas coaches are on hand at their Runbases to advise you on your nutrition, recovery and mindset!

Finally, you will be able to test out different shoe models from the adidas stable, experiencing the benefits of GEAR that is best-suited to you.

adidas Runners is an international community comprising people from different backgrounds and walks of life, united by a desire to become better: better runners, better athletes and, ultimately, better humans.

adidas runners

All your events in your area will be uploaded to the app and you just choose which ones you want to attend.

Currently there are 3 locations:


  • Northcliff
  • Motherland Parktown North
  • Zoolake
    (Mon 6pm, Wed 6pm Sat 7.30am)


  • Kings Park Virgin Active
    (Monday + Wednesday 5.30am)

Cape Town:

  • 56 Breakwater Boulevard
  • Folkcafe
  • Cocoa Wah wah
    (Mon 6pm, Wed 6pm Sat 8am)

“We run with each other, not against each other, pushing each other to new personal bests. Every adidas Runner understands that the ultimate goal is not to ‘win’ but to push their boundaries every time. adidas Runners takes a holistic approach that elevates all aspects of life – it’s training like the pros, but on your own terms.”

adidas runners